Sunday, July 11, 2010

Nash’s Story…Chapter 4: Our Newest Family Member

After pushing for about 30 minutes, and loving the experience so very much, I saw my “baby love” for the very first time! And, since Nash wasn’t stunned, Matt was able to cut the cord and then they wrapped him up to hand him to me right away.

They wanted me to have some ‘skin on skin’ time with him before he was touched by anyone else. Research has proven that it helps them adjust to life outside of the womb and is the first step to helping your milk come in.

And, I must admit, that in that moment, I fell in love! I couldn’t believe how precious our little Nash Baylor Poe was and I couldn’t believe that he was in my arms. Matt sat next to me and we just stared in awe and cried at the blessing of our new family member. Nash's Birthday 7.6.10 083 Nash's Birthday 7.6.10 085 Nash's Birthday 7.6.10 087 After about 20 or more minutes of our first cuddle, they took him to put on his ID bands and weigh him. We were SHOCKED to find out that our precious bundle was a whopping 8 pounds and 9 ounces! WOW! What a BIG boy! We knew he looked stout, but didn’t expect that big of a number! … He was 19 inches long and perfect in every way. Nash's Birthday 7.6.10 091 Nash's Birthday 7.6.10 096 Nash's Birthday 7.6.10 098Nash's Birthday 7.6.10 103After that, Daddy FINALLY got to hold his littlest buddy! I sat back and snapped away at the memory of them loving on each other for the first time. I love how much Matt loves babies and how he had fallen in love with Nash too! 
 Nash's Birthday 7.6.10 107 Nash's Birthday 7.6.10 112 Nash's Birthday 7.6.10 113 Moments later, Matt handed him back to me…and Nash nursed for the first time! He did a great job! And, it totally calmed him down…it was a sweet moment for me! After that, Matt got to go out into the waiting room to share the priceless news that Quinn’s baby brother was here!!! We couldn’t wait to introduce the two of them to one another!


Kate said...

Oh my goodness! I cannot imagine going through labor without feeling anything! I am SO glad everything went so well!

annalee said...

he couldn't possibly be any more adorable!