Sunday, July 11, 2010

Nash’s Story…Chapter 3: From 4 to 10 in No Time

When we left our house, I cried for a minute. Leaving Quinn was hard…but I was so excited about the gift that we would be giving him later that day. Matt and I had a fun ride to the hospital…videoing each other just like we did with Quinn. It’s a very surreal feeling to know that you’re driving to the hospital to have a baby.

By 7:30, we arrived at the hospital. We went to the admissions office to sign  some papers and then they took us to our Labor and Delivery room. When we got there, Sweet Nurse Mary (my nurse with Quinn) was waiting for us. When I got my induction date, I called her and she worked out her schedule to be there for us! I couldn’t have been more excited (and relieved) when I saw her!

Then, it was time to get started. Cute hospital gown on… monitors in place…IV put in…blood drawn…ice chips ready…pitocin started! And, I had my new computer and phone ready to post updates throughout the process.

At 8:45, the grandparents and Quinn came in to see me. My big boy was so excited to see me and hear Nash’s heartbeat. It was fun to see him. And, I was thankful that he wasn’t scared to see me laying in the bed with the IVs. He was so sweet to talk to my belly and give me some good love…with Buzz in hand, of course! Happy Birthday, Nash...Slickpaw's Camera 028Happy Birthday, Nash...Slickpaw's Camera 030 Happy Birthday, Nash...Slickpaw's Camera 034Our last picture as ThePoeFam3…Happy Birthday, Nash...Slickpaw's Camera 037 At 9:15, Dr. Webster came and and broke my water. She and Nurse Mary figured that I’d have Nash before 2…which just seemed crazy to me. I came in at a 4…but I just couldn't imagine that it would go so quickly.

Things changed a lot since 3 years ago when Quinn was born. One thing was that we got to have juice and popsicles! You have NO idea how excited I was about that! My first choice was green…later I had a red one! :) Nash's Birthday 7.6.10 071 Nash's Birthday 7.6.10 074 Thirty minutes later, I was starting to hurt a little, but was still able to smile through the contractions. I was updating the blog and facebook and was having fun enjoying the process of labor. I really loved hearing Nash’s heartbeat…and even got to hear him get the hiccups. It was so funny! Nash's Birthday 7.6.10 075 Nash's Birthday 7.6.10 078 While things were getting more and more intense in my room, my little man and family were enjoying each other in the waiting room. Quinn was LOVING all of his Big Brother Bag activities…and all of his grandparents, of course! Happy Birthday, Nash...Slickpaw's Camera 039 Happy Birthday, Nash...Slickpaw's Camera 042 Happy Birthday, Nash...Slickpaw's Camera 043 Happy Birthday, Nash...Slickpaw's Camera 045 Happy Birthday, Nash...Slickpaw's Camera 052  Happy Birthday, Nash...Slickpaw's Camera 059Happy Birthday, Nash...Slickpaw's Camera 075 
Matt would go out in the waiting room to chat every now and then…and to love on Quinn. Even though it was a warm and pretty day outside, Matt was FREEZING inside. Too bad I’m hot natured normally, because I’m INSANELY hot when I’m pregnant. And, they keep the labor and delivery room SUPER cold for me…I love it! 
 Happy Birthday, Nash...Slickpaw's Camera 054Happy Birthday, Nash...Slickpaw's Camera 063
By 11:00, the contractions were NOT fun! Matt wanted me to get my epidural ASAP…he DOES NOT like seeing me struggle at all. But, I gritted my teeth for about 20 more minutes before giving in! At 11:30, the anesthesiologist came in and worked her magic. And, by noon, I was feeling super good!…relaxed and no pain…and at a 6! Soon after, Quinn came back in one last time before his baby would be born. He was so sweet to me…and I loved seeing him! Happy Birthday, Nash...Slickpaw's Camera 067  
A little after noon, my mom came and to be with me and I made Matt go and grab some lunch. I was feeling good and just wanted to rest for a little bit…maybe even nap. I figured we’d have hours to wait until we welcomed our littlest love.

But, was I EVER wrong! A little before 1, Dr. Webster came in to check me and said it was time to go! Thankfully, Matt had just gotten back and the troops were all anxious and excited in the waiting room…Happy Birthday, Nash...Slickpaw's Camera 082Happy Birthday, Nash...Slickpaw's Camera 057I was at a 10 and it was time to start pushing! I was SHOCKED! We did a practice push and then the REAL pushing began! I couldn’t believe that it was truly time to have a baby!!!…Nash's Birthday 7.6.10 081


Laura said...

yup, once they break the water I think it is super fast! so fun reading this, I love labor stories!!

Shannon Boyer said...

So much fun to have the big brother bag- any chance you have time to make a list of what all you put in it?