Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Day Daddy Went Shopping…

I’ll never forget it…We hadn’t lived in our new city very long. Maybe a month or so. One of the boys was sick, so we stayed home from church that Sunday! Matt had gone to church and then to lunch afterwards with some families from church. But, after lunch, he decided to do a little shopping for his baby girl on the way. Due to the move and the craziness of life, he hadn’t done a lot of shopping for her like he had done for the boys. But, this day, he was going to find something JUST for her.

He went to Janie and Jack…and apparently the sale rack was forbidden…because he came home with this…IMG_1752He proudly opened the bag and smiled as I took out each (regular priced) piece. He thought it was SO pretty…and so did I. But, then, I saw this…recieptAnd this Momma almost had a heart attack! He had spent $102.84 on his unborn baby girl…on ONE outfit! I gasped…and then laughed! I can’t say I have outfits that cost $102.84! When I proceeded to look shocked, the Daddy that is apparently already wrapped around his little girl’s finger said, “Is that too much? I don’t know what little girl’s clothes cost!?” I laughed again! Mercy me…we’re in trouble! {And, I talked him in to just keeping the outfit…the sweater and bow went back to the store!}

But, on Sunday, July 20th, I surprised him by bringing his BlissPriss to church all dressed in his outfit. She could finally wear it, and she was stunning…and he was oh so proud!
Three months and before 004
And, it’s still the MOST expensive thing that hangs in her closet!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Nash’s World Cup Birthday!!!

Ever since the excitement of the World Cup, this boy was CERTAIN that he wanted a WORLD CUP BIRTHDY! Needless to say, his soccer-lovin’ Daddy was in heaven! It all started with the invitation design and the rest quickly fell into place! Since the World Cup was on constantly at our house, the party was even more anticipated than normal. And, when July 6th finally arrived, my BIG four year old was beside himself!!!

After church, we excitedly put the finishing touches on the party and anxiously awaited our guests!…Nash is FOUR!!! 030_thumb[2]
The cookies were, once again, BEYOND AMAZING!! If you EVER need cookies for an event, Sweet Face Cookie Boutique is your go-to-girl! I seriously gasped as I opened each one from the mail! Almost too pretty to eat! Nash is FOUR!!! 015_thumb  Nash is FOUR!!! 016_thumb
This soccer stadium was my favorite…look at the details…Nash is FOUR!!! 017_thumbNash is FOUR!!! 018_thumb  Nash is FOUR!!! 020_thumbNash is FOUR!!! 019_thumb  Nash is FOUR!!! 021_thumbNash is FOUR!!! 023Nash is FOUR!!! 024_thumb
The requested Soccer Jersey cake was a join effort. Mammer did the majority and Matt and I helped with a few details. Despite its flaws, Nash LOVED it…
Nash is FOUR!!! 027_thumbNash is FOUR!!! 028_thumb[1]Nash is FOUR!!! 031_thumb  Nash is FOUR!!! 032_thumbNash is FOUR!!! 037_thumb
The popcorn bar…
Nash is FOUR!!! 034
Nash was so proud to wear his personalized jersey that Quinn gave him…Nash is FOUR!!! 039_thumb[2]Nash is FOUR!!! 043_thumb[1]Nash is FOUR!!! 049_thumb
I adore this FOUR YEAR OLD…
Nash is FOUR!!! 050_thumbNash is FOUR!!! 053_thumb

My three…
Nash is FOUR!!! 058_thumb[1]Nash is FOUR!!! 061
ThePoeFam…representing the World Cup…Nash is FOUR!!! 064_thumb
Nash is FOUR!!! 065_thumb  Nash is FOUR!!! 068_thumb

Nash is FOUR!!! 072_thumb

Grandparents here to celebrate…
Nash is FOUR!!! 074_thumb  Nash is FOUR!!! 076_thumb

Nash is FOUR!!! 079_thumb
  Nash is FOUR!!! 082_thumb

Nash is FOUR!!! 084_thumb
  Nash is FOUR!!! 088_thumb
The excitement of the first guest arriving…
Nash is FOUR!!! 091_thumb    Nash is FOUR!!! 092_thumb

Lots of party goers…
Nash is FOUR!!! 097_thumb[2]  Nash is FOUR!!! 098_thumb[2]Nash is FOUR!!! 099_thumb[1] Nash is FOUR!!! 100_thumb[1] Nash is FOUR!!! 101_thumb[1]Nash is FOUR!!! 103_thumb[1] Nash is FOUR!!! 096_thumb[2] Nash is FOUR!!! 113_thumb[2]Nash is FOUR!!! 133_thumb[3] Nash is FOUR!!! 138_thumb[2]Nash is FOUR!!! 107_thumb

Nash is FOUR!!! 108_thumb[3]  Nash is FOUR!!! 110_thumb[2]Nash is FOUR!!! 112_thumb[1]Nash is FOUR!!! 115_thumb[1]Nash is FOUR!!! 118_thumb[1]
Sadly, after about an hour and a half, the rain shower brought us indoors. But, it didn’t stop the party! We opened gifts, ate and were entertained by Slickpaw…Nash is FOUR!!! 120_thumb[1]Nash is FOUR!!! 122_thumb[1]Nash is FOUR!!! 125_thumb
Nash is FOUR!!! 129_thumb

It was a great party! How we loved celebrating our Nasher!

And, don’t forget to use Sweet Face Cookie Boutique for your next party!!! She’ll ship anywhere!!!

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