Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I’ve Become My Mom…

I can remember, as a kid, how I’d roll my eyes when my mom pointed out trees, flowers, ceilings and more. I couldn’t imagine how anyone could really care about that big tree or that amazing ceiling. But, on our recent visit to California, it was evident that I’ve become my mom. Every flower…every tree…amazing!

See, Mammer…it just took me a while!

So, here’s a little sneak peek of our California Adventure…while I sort through way too many pics…IMG_6364









{all of this beauty was on HWY 1}

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Quinn’s Very Own Gummy Bear Party!

I am so very proud of this boy of mine. Soon after Christmas, he was selected to participate in a 2nd grade Envision Project. Instead of normal homework, he was responsible for planning a party of his choice. He had 10 weeks to do it and LOTS and LOTS of specific requirements. He worked hard and was so creative in planning a one-of-a-kind Gummy Bear Party. He made maps, budgets, banners, an invitation, games, crafts, a final portfolio and so much more. He was super proud of his work!! Part of his grade was presenting all of his project to his class. He was quite wordy and shared much more than necessary…cracked me up. IMG_2745Then, on Friday, May 1st, he had the big Expo at school. Teachers and students came by and asked him questions about his party for about an hour and a half. It was evident that he was proud to share everything he’d done…and, the gummy bear give always and game made his spot quite popular. It was so fun to step back and watch him.

Quinn Davis Poe, 
We are so proud of you for working so hard and for being so creative. May you always love to learn as much as you do now. You are one-of-a-kind…and you clearly shine! We love you so very much! IMG_6855IMG_6857IMG_6858IMG_6860IMG_6862IMG_6865IMG_6868IMG_6869IMG_6872IMG_6874IMG_6875IMG_6876
Quite the popular spot…He was eating it up! Afterwards, he said, “I was famous!” IMG_2819

//Easter 2015//

When I really let it sink in, I can hardly stand it! My Savior died for me…and for these 3 precious children of mine…and for YOU!!! But, he didn’t stay dead! He is risen!!! He is alive!!! And I am forever overwhelmed and grateful!

Our Easter…Bliss’ First Easter…was full of smiles and remembrance. May we never, ever get over the cross!

Our church does a huge Easter service at an outdoor pavilion. This year, the theme was about the Great Feast that we will one day share in Heaven. There was food EVERWHRE! I was in charge of the candy buffet. It was quite a job…but so much fun! I was thankful to get this crazy amount of candy and d├ęcor out of my house in into the hands of all of the kids that came through. It was a hit!…IMG_6234


ThePoeFam//Easter 2015…

Some fun pavilion shenanigans…

{Nothing but the blood of Jesus} So special each time I take the Lord’s Supper with my boy…and how beautiful are these communion cups out of olive wood from Jerusalem?…
Easter Brunch and Egg Hunt after church at our friend’s house…They all had a blast and Q even found the Golden Egg with $5 in it! He was obviously thrilled!…IMG_6283

I may never get over how good they are to her. So sweet the way they explain things and share…IMG_6333IMG_6334IMG_6336IMG_6337IMG_6340IMG_6342

The PoeTrio’s Easter Baskets from the morning…IMG_2160IMG_2163
And, Bliss Priss on her first Easter…such a lovey…IMG_2181

It was a beautiful day! One of my favorites!!

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