Saturday, September 26, 2015

ThePoeDudes’ First Race

Last week, thePoeDudes started their new sport! They proudly joined a local running club for kids and have already started logging miles at club times. The goal is to run around 25 miles by the end of February…and then finish the season by running the 2K at the big marathon. On top of getting their 2K medals at that race, they’ll also receive the REAL marathon medal for running a full marathon over the course of their running season.
In addition to their club runs, they can also run races to count toward their mile totals. Today, they were super excited to participate in their very first 1 mile race. The run was for Love Fosters Hope…a local organization that raises funds for those that have suffered from child abuse. I loved having an opportunity to talk to my boys about something so tragic…and give them a way to help! And, I loved being a part of a RACE DAY! The atmosphere was super fun and we all loved every second of it. I’m afraid to say that my two boys just might motivate me to start running myself…we’ll see! 026
They went to bed and woke up excited to run. We’ve been building it up and it worked…028034
We all arrived early at the race site. So many fun things to see and do…040048
They had lots of buddies that ran. Here’s one of them…051
Their biggest fan…
At the starting line…silly and ready…055
Part of their cheering section…
And coming in strong at the finish! They really did a great job and I know they’ll only get better…061062064065066

So, so proud of these guys! They already can’t wait for the next race! 070072077079

Sunday, September 20, 2015

You're ALL My Favorites!!!: ThePoeTrio: August 2015

For the second time, our amazing Chelle Cates came to our neck of the woods for photo shoots! We took advantage of her nearness and she got some of my favorite shots of all time! Just look at ThePoe Trio! My heart just might explode!!!

{Quinn: 8 years old....Bliss: 16 months old...Nash: 5 years old} 

She owned this arch and would pose like crazy...until her brothers joined in. She didn't want them in her space...


The day after our shoot, Chelle was shooting a Senior from our youth group and we got to tag along. These were "random" and turned out to be so very priceless!!! 

Thank you, Chelle Cates Photography, for your time and talent! You're so precious to us! 

Thursday, September 10, 2015


It's that time of year again! The time where we dust off the covers of our favorite, family
 ChristmaAdvent Devotional! Five years ago, my friend and I wrote this together...and we're so overwhelmed to say that approximately 6,000 families now do this simple, but meaningful, Christmas devotional with their families. 

Now is the time to get your groups together and get your set ordered for this year! Even if you've already done it before, this is a great opportunity for you to introduce it to another group of friends! To know more, click here to visit our website. And, if you have any questions, never hesitate to ask! 

We are SO very excited and can promise that "A Meaningful Christmas" will be something that you and your children will cherish doing together for YEARS to come!

If you purchase A Meaningful Christmas you will receive…  
*A hostess guide (that includes ALL of the details to organize your own event)
*24 devotional books (with 24 daily devotionals in each)

And, if you’re interested, here’s what you need to do…  
*Make sure you have 24 people willing to participate
*Contact us at so that we can send you your invoice.
We can’t wait to hear about the huge impact that this has on your children this Christmas! 

{Click here to see our “swapping party” from 2010!
Click here to visit our website! 
Click here to like us on Facebook and see LOTS of ornament/party ideas!}

Thursday, September 03, 2015

{Back to School Traditions}

I love a good tradition. And, so far, these night before school/morning of school traditions have been holding strong. Once again, the “Surprise Ball” was an anticipated treat. After bathtime and jammies on the Night Before School, these boys know that they get to come downstairs to open their ball. It’s so cute to watch them each year. This is a tradition I hope to continue forever and always. 372373374375

Here’s what the balls contained this year…Q on the left (part of a small lego set was the last piece and then we just gave him the rest of the box)…Nash on the right…
One thing I used to be so good about was lunches. Since life and three children have since taken over, I’m proud when the lunch gets packed. But, I was determined that I would actually put a note in Quinn’s lunch each day this year. I decided to set myself up to succeed and start the school year with enough for the whole year long. These from Lunchbox Love are the most precious. They’re colorful and have a sweet note plus a fun fact or joke. There’s also space to write a little more if you’d like. I love that they’re thoughtful, but easy! Click here to get some for your little one’s lunches! …and I also love “Lunch Lines!” It’s a little book full of jokes. Q has loved them all so far!
And a special breakfast. Not too fancy…but it feel special…and they appreciate it…so, until they don’t, I‘ll continue. 382383384
Daddy may have added the tradition of a crazy first day of school song. I think we all hope it comes back yearly! Hilarious!
Here’s to a great school year!