Monday, July 21, 2014

My Nasher is FOUR!

On Sunday, July 6th, we had a very excited birthday boy at our house!!! He’s been courting down for quite a while and couldn’t wait for his big day! After some presents and breakfast, we headed to church. He was so excited to hear the “Happy Birthdays” from all of his friends in his class. And, he requested that he and Bliss match. So, we did our best!!!

Nash is FOUR!!! 006photo_4Nash is FOUR!!! 008 Nash is FOUR!!! 012Nash is FOUR!!! 011 After church, we headed home for the BIG PARTY!!! {lots of details to come} It was fun to have his party on his real birthday again this year…and less pressure on Momma to make two days special.

Then, after the party was over, we took our annual nose pictures before dinner…and then came home to MORE presents. I think it’s safe to say that he had a wonderful day!!! How I love this boy! Nash is FOUR!!! 142 Nash is FOUR!!! 146 Nash is FOUR!!! 147{These pics about sum up my boy…soccer gear…big grin…sweet tooth!!} photo_1  photo_2 photo_3

Sunday, July 20, 2014

“I like her because she smiles at me and means it.” ~Terri Guillemets

Mid July 051Mid July 048Mid July 054Mid July 055Mid July 058
Watching this Big Brother “take pictures” of Bliss was pretty priceless…he would get so excited when he’d “capture a good one” and would show me on the back! Love this boy and how much he adores his baby girl!
Mid July 059Mid July 065Mid July 073Mid July 075

{July 16, 2014: 11 weeks old}

Saturday, July 19, 2014

“By perseverance the snail reached the ark.” –Charles Spurgeon

Tonight, while swimming, the boys and Matt found a lone snail on the basketball hoop.

He soon became a fun source of entertainment. Crawling around the table…inside and around Nash’s bracelet.

But, then “Sluggy” got brave and decided to venture out…VBS & the snail 012
If he can think, I sure wonder what was on his mind…VBS & the snail 014
Especially as he approached this…
VBS & the snail 016VBS & the snail 019VBS & the snail 020VBS & the snail 022
It was at that moment that THIS one freaked out that the snail slime was on the Lego Guy he was wanting to play with…

And, when I showed him these two crazy, silly pictures of his whiny faces…
VBS & the snail 023VBS & the snail 024
His frown quickly turned upside down!…
VBS & the snail 025VBS & the snail 026
And, amidst all of the snail excitement , this one was happily doing her own thing smiling at her bouncy seat flowers…
VBS & the snail 029
Fun memories all around!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Pretend to walk to the mailbox…

Right now…I want you to pretend that you just walked outside to your mailbox…
And you saw a beautifully addressed piece of mail that was obviously not a stinky bill.
{And you smiled because “fun mail” is the best kind of mail!!!}
And, you opened it to find THIS…Bliss_front_final
And you laughed because you’ve already seen THOUSANDS of pictures of that little Miss Bliss Priss on Instagram and Facebook…

But, you went ahead and turned it over and saw this…Bliss_back_final
And you seriously couldn’t even handle the cuteness of that crown.

But, because we pretended together…{instead of you ACTUALLY getting this in the mail}…
I saved a BUNCH of time and money!
And, I saved you the guilt that you’d feel of eventually throwing it away!
You’re welcome.

{Family…you’ll be getting one in the mail! …And you’re not allowed to throw it away!}

This beautiful announcement was designed by…iusb_760x100_13974212_5yut
Please check out their Etsy store and website when you’re in need of invites, announcements, address stamps, Christmas cards and MORE!!! Such talent and SO sweet to work with!


And, because I can’t help myself…here are ALL of Bliss’ AMAZING Newborn Portraits by my favorite, Chelle Cates Photography! If you’re in the DFW or Houston area, you MUST be in contact with her for your next photo shoot!! She’s BEYOND amazing! Just look at how she captured my girl…
Bliss 002Bliss 003Bliss 004Bliss 005Bliss 007
{On my Gackey’s dresser…}
Bliss 009
Bliss 012Bliss 013Bliss 014Bliss 016Bliss 018Bliss 019Bliss 021Bliss 023Bliss 030Bliss 001Bliss 031Bliss 034Bliss 036Bliss 037Bliss 045Bliss 046Bliss 047Bliss 039Bliss 040Bliss 043
{All of these flowers were given to us in the hospital and soon after we arrived home…}Bliss 044

{The day we took these (May 3, 2014), my sweet BlissPriss was only one week old! Sweet Chelle drove from Dallas to spend the day with us and capture these priceless memories. The day and the photos will always hold a VERY special place in my heart!!!}

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