Wednesday, March 23, 2016

"You can only have {BLISS} if you don’t chase it." ~Henepola Gunaratana

Goodness knows I'll never catch up on this blog. But, then again, it's not like many pictures are taken with my "real camera" these days. I sure love to pull it out from time to time. (even though I don't feel like it's focusing correctly....time for a new one?) So, for now...while I sort through Christmas and Birthdays and Soccer games and more, here are some "real camera" pics of my precious Bliss Priss. She's such a joy and quite the fun subject. 

early February 2016: 21 moths old

Valentine's Day 2016: 

Spring Break 2016: almost 23 months old 

Saturday, January 16, 2016

{Santa 2015}

When we moved away from DFW, I was sad to leave lots of things...but, one of the saddest was the thought of not seeing OUR Santa every year. But, because I have an amazing husband, we have yet to miss seeing him. This year, we decided to visit Santa on the Friday after Thanksgiving. ThePoeFam got up bright and early to make the drive...and, as always, it didn't disappoint. (For most of us anyway!) Bliss loved everything about the whole experience...and even loved seeing him...until it was time to sit in his lap. Sweet girl wasn't sure what to think. So, we snapped a quick obligatory pic and got her out of his lap so the boys could share their wish list. 

Quinn asked for Lego Dimensions for the WiiU. 
Nash asked for a BB-8 remote control. 
And, they asked that he bring Bliss a Minnie Car. 
As always, he said he'd do his best...but not make any promises. And, as always, it was dreamy! 

And, even better than Santa was spending some sweet time with some of our favorites...

...and eating Bueno for every meal, of course!...

Thankful for another year of believing! We love Santa! 

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Thanksgiving Season 2015

As much as I usually wish for Thanksgiving to hurry on its merry way so that we can get started with Christmas, I always love the moments that the Thanksgiving season allows. 

ThePoeFam really did have a wonderful Thanksgiving season...and took plenty of moments to count our many blessings...especially the three high-maintenece ones that live under our roof. We wouldn't want it any other way! 

Nash's Pre-K Thanksgiving Feast:

 Quinn's 3rd grade Thanksgiving feast: 

 The Sunday before Thanksgiving: 

Thanksgiving Day 2015: 

Bliss Priss: 19 months old on Thanksgiving Day

 I love watching the cousins together. Since I didn't grow up with cousins, their relationship truly amazes me! I'm so thankful that they have each other! 

My darling Quinn!: 8.5 years old 

 Sweet Nasher Noo: 5 years old
 Mammer & Bliss loving on the big puppies...

 ThePoeFam: Thanksgiving 2015

 Precious, crazy cousins...
Ausitin (3), Bliss (1), Ava (4), Nash (5), Quinn (8), Micahel (6)

 Pawpaw carving the turkey...

Nana's pretty table...
 The "Grown Up Table..."

...and the kids tables...

 Post-dinner walk to the park!
It was a great day! So thankful we could all be at Nana & Pawpaw's together!