Monday, April 07, 2014

Dear Bliss Mabry Poe…

001Dear Bliss Mabry Poe,
I can’t believe that the time has come! The time to write this letter…the time to welcome another baby into ThePoeFam…and the time to say that I’m a Mommy to a DAUGHTHER! I will say that I expected the first two. I knew the moment that Nash was born that he wasn’t the last baby we’d bring home. (Or at least I prayed that he wasn’t.) But, I had {almost} come to terms with the fact that I’d probably never have a little girl! I was OK with that. Sure, I’d have to mourn the loss of ballet…and glitter…and tea parties…and planning a wedding. But, if God wanted me to a be a Boy Momma, there had to be a reason. And, He always knows best.
I prayed a lot about it. Before we got pregnant I prayed that God would give me a little girl. I caught myself praying it often.  But, as soon as we found out you were in my tummy, my prayers changed. I just wanted to feel content. You were created…and you gender was already determined. And, truthfully, it mattered less than it had in the past. But, everyone…and I mean EVERYONE…would talk about how they hoped I’d “get my girl” or to “think pink!” Truthfully, it kind of annoyed me. I didn’t want it to bother me if you were a boy…I wanted to want a healthy baby. 005
So, I tried not to think about it. But, we were ALL FOUR over the moon that you were on your way! I’d look at Pinterest here and there at nurseries and newborn picture ideas, but I didn’t go crazy. I was too busy with your two big brothers!

But, come October, our world was turned a bit upside down when God called us to move our family. We were shocked…but trusted, once again, that He knew what he was doing. So, we started preparing…and getting ready to sell our house…and then move. In the midst of all of that, I became VERY impatient and HAD to know what you were. So, your Daddy agreed to letting me go to a fun little sonogram place when I was about 17 weeks along with you. On that special day, no one knew we were going…it was just your Daddy and my little secret. And, on that day, we heard the words, “It’s a Girl!” for the very first time. I couldn't believe it! I cried and laughed and freaked out! You were a GIRL! The sonographer was 95% sure!

That night, we told your brothers, and your grandparents, and a few special friends…it was truly surreal!

Then, at 21 weeks, when we went to Dr. Webster’s for your big sonogram, it was confirmed! {110% this time} And I cried again! I was going to have a daughter to get pedicures with. Your Daddy was going to have a daughter to take to Daddy/Daughter dances. And your brothers were going to forever have a sister to love and protect. Surreal!!!

007 i009
And, now we’re here. We’ve sold a house…packed…gone to Disney World…and moved into a new home. We’ve met new people that can’t wait to meet you and celebrated with sweet friends from past seasons in our lives…and we’re up to our ears in PINK! Your beautiful room is ready…your closet is stocked…and everything {down to your bottles and fingernail clippers} are suited for our one and only little girl! 010011012
We can’t wait to welcome you into our family. Especially your precious big brothers! They adore you so much already and have talked about you and talked about you. Quinn is going to be your biggest protector and comforter, if I had to guess. He’s so excited for there to be a little girl in the house. He talks about how he’ll help you build the princess Lego sets and always sees other toys at the stores and on commercials that he can’t wait for you to have. He told me, since his room is right across from yours, that he’ll let me know if you’re crying! I have a feeling you’re going to quickly find out how great he is and how there’s truly no one else like him.
Then, there’s your Nasher. He smiles every time we talk about you. He loves to feel you move in my tummy and can’t wait for you to see ALL of the girly shows on T.V. He’s very opinionated when we pick things out for you at the store…especially clothes. He kisses you (my belly) EVERY day and sings you songs. I have no doubt that he’s going to make you laugh and want to hold you often. He also can’t wait to help you put on your jammies. Sweet boy! He’s already so proud of you and I know he ALWAYS will be!

You're truly the luckiest girl alive to have such precious Big Brothers! Truly. 014015016
And, oh my goodness, your Daddy! I have dreamed of the day that I would get to see him hold a bundle of pink! Watching him love and adore and father your brothers has been pretty priceless…but I have a feeling that this is going to bring out something completely different in him.  He’s everything I could hope a little girl could have in a Daddy…he’s going to love you, cherish you and show you exactly what you’ll one day want in YOUR husband. I’m so excited that we get to experience YOU together!
And, to be your Mommy…I CAN.NOT.WAIT! I love all things girly and expect you will too! I pray for the Mother I’ll be to you. I know that how I help raise your brothers is SO important, but there’s something about raising you to be a lady that brings a new kind of pressure. I pray that I can be the example that you need…of a wife, a Mommy, a homemaker, a shopper, a friend, a daughter…may I show you the woman that Jesus wants you to be…and, when I fail, may there be Grace to cover it all. And, I pray that we’ll always be close…there’s something between a Mother and Daughter that I just can’t wait to experience with you! 019023024
So, my sweet Bliss Mabry Poe…thank you for already bringing such joy and freshness to our lives. Thank you for giving me a new love for pink & strawberries & all things monogrammed. Thank you for being a good girl in my tummy and for allowing me to experience the amazing miracle of becoming a Mommy for a third time!

You are loved…and we can’t wait to meet you and sing “Happy Birthday” to you VERY soon!
Your Mommy
All photos by the amazing Chelle Cates Photography!

Sunday, April 06, 2014

My MVP At His First Soccer Game!!!

After MUCH anticipation…and sleeping with his new cleats…and putting on a jersey every time we get home…and requesting to watch soccer games on TV over his shows…the big day has come and gone! Saturday morning, our sweet Nasher had his first Soccer game of the season through i9! He met his team, had his first practice and a scrimmage right after! Even though he wasn’t quite as aggressive as we expected, he was obviously in his element and loving every moment! His coach said we’re going to have to teach Nash “reverse manners” because he just doesn’t want to take the ball away. But, if he ever gets it, he’s AWESOME! He was so proud when he received the first “Sportsmanship Medal” of the season…and we were so proud of the cutest little Soccer Stud we’ve ever seen! IMG_1737IMG_1739A little half time coaching from Daddy..reminding him that it’s OK to take the ball from the other team…IMG_1741IMG_1743This Big Bro was so proud…IMG_1747IMG_1751I wanted to take some pics with him JUST in case I don’t get to come and watch for a few weeks. I expect to be there next Saturday, but who knows!?

Hipster Hop 2014

Tacky Prom has become something  that our family looks forward to! And, even though I didn’t plan on dressing up this year due to TOO.MUCH.GOING.ON, I just couldn’t resist. I loved our little 50’s/Tacky Family!!! And, we all had a great time at Tacky Prom/Hipster Hop at our new church! IMG_1687




IMG_1696  IMG_1698

IMG_1699  IMG_1685


IMG_1711  IMG_1714IMG_1716  IMG_1718

IMG_1684  IMG_1721

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