Sunday, July 24, 2016

Nash's 6th Birthday Pizzeria//California Pizza Kitchen

Once again, I'm hopping out of order on this little blog of mine...mainly because I just can't wait to share the cuteness that was Nash's 6th birthday party!!! It's no secret that I LOVE a kid's birthday party! But, this was my most low-maintence one to date. When I realized that we were going to be out of town for Nash's real birthday and when I remembered how nuts our youth ministry family summers always are, I was elated when Nash agreed to have his party at California Pizza Kitchen! The restaurant opened an hour early for the party and had all kinds of fun planned for Nash and his buddies. 

Mammer made the most awesome pizza cakes for the special occasion....they were quite the hit! But, before we could dig in, there was lots of fun to be had. 

As guests arrived, they took pics in the photo booth and colored on their fun personalized place mats! (store info below!) They also played a fun little balancing pizza game! {P.S. I brought all of those activities and am glad I did. Not sure what the kiddos would have done with that time...or how the restaurant would have handled 15 rambunctious kids!}

 {printable props from Simply Everyday Me}

 But, before long, it was time to get to pizza making. They tossed and stretched the dough, added sauce and toppings and watched as it got placed in the oven. 

While the pizzas cooked, they got a tour of the kitchen and freezer. They loved it! 

 By the time the tour was over, it was time to eat...they were all so excited to devour their own creations! 


 California Pizza Kitchen sent them home with a fun little box with favors and a free kid's meal coupon. 
And Nash gave cool pizza floats and pizza gummies! 
Nash loved his personalized chef coat that came with the party...they didn't order it in time for him to have it for his party...but, he was excited to get it a week later! 

He, like every year, said it was his favorite party ever! I'm so glad he had such a great time! And I loved that it was so easy for me and lasted about an hour and a half! Sure love my big 6 year old! 

Here's the store info for some of our party greatness! 

If you're ever in need of fun photo booth props and more, be sure to checkout Simply Everyday Me on Easy!!! So unique and fun! 

And, the darling invite is from ThePartyStork! Be sure to check them out for the most fun, colorful, unique invites for your next party! And, be sure to follow them on Insta, too!!!

Friday, June 24, 2016

Taking our Monkeys to the Houston Zoo

I interrupt my insane blog catch up to bring you our PoeFam memories from yesterday...our trip to the Houston Zoo. It was H.O.T...words can't really describe! But, the animals were out and about and we had a wonderful time!

In the midst of our fun, these two apes got a little lost at one point in our trip. They thought we were behind them...when, in fact, we were ahead...and went back to find us. Thankfully, they went to the nearest gift shop and had the zoo worker call me. They got a little talking to about paying attention...but a lot of praise for doing the right thing. I don't think any of us were that nervous but it was still a relief to have them back in our sight! My monkeys might need a leash!