Tuesday, September 02, 2014

The Bittersweet End of Summer…

I have such a love/hate relationship with the week before school. In one hand, I’m so ready for the routine to return…and, in the other, I’m devastated for our lazy days and late nights to end! I lived the “school schedule” from Kindergarten through my 5th year of teaching! Then, after a short “endless Summer” at home with NO kids in school, we returned right back to the school schedule. I guess because it’s what I’ve known, I find it  refreshing that there’s an end…and then a beginning!

So…with the end of Summer, we made memories…

We made s’mores and had epic Star Wars battles in the pool…1We went to Daddy’s soccer game…and stayed up too late…{and Nash got a bug bite…}3

We made Flubber and celebrated Robin Williams…4
We finished shopping for school supplies…and I celebrated the fact that I saved $19.20 by not buying the school pack…
Mammer and Slickpaw came in town and spoiled us with “Back to School” shopping…78
We ate more TexMex than necessary…
We got SUPER EXCITED  to go to the 2nd grade “Meet the Teacher!” …IMG_3820IMG_3822
And, because it was Wednesday…and Mammer & Slickpaw were in town…my biggest love and I made a date of it…
Then, just like that, the night before school came…

So, there were basketball battles in the pool…IMG_3856IMG_3859IMG_3863IMG_3864
Some fun fireworks and sparklers…
And, the after bath tradition of the “Night Before School Surprise Ball!” (Quinn’s 5th, I think!) IMG_3891IMG_3893IMG_3894

We read our poem from Q’s teacher, placed the confetti under our pillow and said our prayers. 11
The Summer memories may have to come to an end…but we’re excited for school memories to begin!

ThePoeFam’s First Annual Whipped Cream Fight!!!

Making traditions is my thing…and, thanks to an amazing blogger “friend”, this has been on my list of “to dos” for a few years now! So, the weekend before school, it was time to make it happen. I planned a little scavenger hunt inside that led the boys to us outside! Quinn was ECSTATIC…and Nash was TRAUMATIZED…I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves! … IMG_3838IMG_3837IMG_4473IMG_4480IMG_4482IMG_3839IMG_3840IMG_4484IMG_4488IMG_4492IMG_4505IMG_4506
All in all…memories were made…and Bliss even got a taste! IMG_4511
{Action photos by: Slickpaw}

Sunday, August 17, 2014

I enjoy being a girl.

IMG_3776IMG_3777IMG_3779IMG_3782IMG_3785IMG_3786IMG_3792IMG_3794IMG_3799IMG_3802{Bliss Mabry Poe: 16 weeks old}

Hello…my Name is Blessed Mommy…

It was a year ago this week that I posted this surprise! We were in awe of and excited…and I had two very, VERY excited big brothers on my hands!…My-babies_4And, now, 1 year later, my heart is exploding and my dreams have come true! I am a Mommy to these three beautiful children…



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