Monday, January 19, 2015

Bliss Mabry Poe: Eight Months

IMG_5481Oh my girly!!!
We’re busy, busy around here. But I must take the time to recap your 8th month before you get to your 9th in about a week from now…
Your 8th month was full of joy and fun!…considering it was all about Christmas! We started with fun things at church and your “first snow” (fake, of course) at our “Hanging of the Green!” It’s hilarious that it was actually 71 degrees outside. We traveled to Dallas to spend time with lots of special people and for you to meet Santa. I shouldn't have been surprised that you loved him and smiled big for each picture.
The rest of the month, you were happily “my accessory” (what Daddy calls you) to many Christmas events…Daddy’s staff Christmas party, parties at your Bubba’s schools, Nash’s Christmas choir program, youth group events and to the EggNoggin Retreat at Forest Glen. You were SUCH a good baby and looked darling in your Christmas attire wherever we went.
IMG_5473IMG_5502Then, at the end of your 8th month, we had more fun celebrating Jesus’ birthday with you. You were bright eyed at our Christmas Eve service and helped carry down Baby Jesus to the nativity with our family. Christmas morning was dreamy with you. You loved everything about it and were such a joy. I loved seeing you open princess gift after princess gift…and watch your brothers as they’d proudly show you your new toys.
IMG_5480In this month, crawling has become a norm and pulling up has begun. Is it bad that I wanted to push you down when I found you standing in your crib. You’re not allowed to grow up so fast, my sweet lovey love!! At least you're still wanting to eat your food from Momma…you have NO interest in baby food and GAG before the spoon hits your lips. It’s comical, actually. We’ve given you yummy things but it doesn’t matter. You’ll occasionally decide you like sweet potatoes, but that’s about all.
IMG_5485Sleep is not our friend around here. You’ve actually done worse…getting up once or twice (or sometimes three times) every night. And, Momma is a sucker…I’ll just come upstairs and feed you. I may have to get serious about this soon…but, part of me loves our quiet moments in the night. (but, just once a night, please!)
I think one of the main reasons for the lack of sleep could be the two, cute pearly whites that are in the bottom of your mouth. And, due to those, you put EVERYTHING in your mouth. And, you’ll find the tiniest little piece of something on our floor and immediately put it in your mouth. I don’t even know how you find it, but you do. Your Bubbas are going to have to be EXTRA careful with their Legos now! IMG_5494IMG_5495
You’re still the best and happiest baby I’ve ever seen…fussing is a rarity. So, when you cry, it kills me! Your brothers are quick to dote on you still. I love how excited you get to see us when we haven’t seen you for a whole 30 seconds. And I adore how you’ll peek around an object to see us better. It cracks me up how you’re interested in OUR food, but not your own. When we hold you, and take a bite, you watch so carefully and then try to get it out of our mouths with your mouth…like a little birdie. You’re LOUD when you want to be heard…and babble on so preciously. Seriously, when I say you’re a JOY, I mean it. SUCH. A. JOY!!! IMG_5497
So, know how loved you are, baby girl. And know that I’m soaking in every moment with you. You melt me and I'm so thankful you’re mine.

Play, Santa, and 8 month pics 364Nash is 8 mo, Q is 4 003_thumb[2]IMG_5495

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Thankful to be busy…and Busy Being Thankful…

I’m here to say hi for a quick second…and I’m at the point where I’m sure I’ll NEVER catch up again. My Bliss Priss is at an oh so fun and busy stage. She’s currently sitting in my lap and unloading my desk drawer onto the floor as I type.  And, in other news, my Nasher is now home with me all day, every day. I may never watch The Bachelor or wash my hair again! …But, I’m thankful to be busy…and often busy being thankful.

For now, here are our amazing pictures (taken mid-December) by the one and only Chelle Cates Photography. She never ceases to amaze me and always captures my littles so stunningly. I adore her so!
Poe 002

Poe 001

Poe 003

Poe 004

Poe 005 - Copy

Poe 006

Poe 007

Poe 009

Poe 010

Polar Express 001

Polar Express 002

Polar Express 003

Polar Express 004

Our Christmas Card 2014: Christmas 14 FRONT1AChristmas 14 BACK1

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Bliss Mabry Poe: Seven months

Bliss 7 months 040
My sweet girly girl,
How do I love you? Let me count the gazillion ways!!! You’re the most precious little girl on the planet and make our days so very fun. Is it crazy to say that I miss you while you sleep? I’m sure it is, but I just can’t help it.
Bliss 7 months 038  Bliss 7 months 045
This month was full of firsts and fun. You were the most hilarious Princess Leia for your first Halloween and got quite the attention with your “wig.” Your brothers were so proud that you went right along with their costumes. Once again, you happily attended all of your brother’s events…Scarecrow parade, Halloween parties, birthday parties, golf, soccer, Thanksgiving feasts and more. You saw your first movie at the theatre…Big Hero 6. You loved the “short” before the movie (that actually had Kia/Krozby in it) and then fell asleep for most of the movie. Holding you wasn't a problem at all! Bliss 7 months 047

Bliss 7 months 050
On top of all of that, you got to celebrate with us as your Biggest Bubba made the decision to be baptized. I love that you have him to help guide you as you grow and show you the joy that only Jesus can bring. What a precious example he already is to you of Christ’s love.
Bliss 7 months 051
Not only were you around a lot of family for Quinn’s baptism, but we also, unexpectedly, were around a bunch of family when Pawpaw was in the hospital. What was a scary time turned into thanksgiving as we got good news from his tests. But, since he was there, we got to be with cousins and Mimi got to stay with us for 6 days. It was so fun being spoiled by her for so long…she loved on you like crazy! Having a great-grandmother is a rare and precious thing! Bliss 7 months 052

Bliss 7 months 059
In your seventh month, we had your 6 month check up. You're still tiny and were such a big girl getting your shots. Nash was there to love on you as soon as they were over. Sadly, your flu shot made you a little puny for a few days. It was hard to see you not smiley. We’re glad it’s a thing of the past. Bliss 7 months 060

 Bliss 7 months 063
As far as personality goes, you’ve got plenty to go around. You are quite the talker…saying “dada” and “bubba” all of the time. You may not know what you’re saying, but they sure think you do. You love to YELLLLL, especially when you’re eating in your high chair. Nursing is still the only food you prefer…but you’re starting to be ok with sweet potatoes. Other than that, you gag or spit it out. We’ll keep trying. Bliss 7 months 067Bliss 7 months 068
You’re sitting up really well now and have even started rocking on your hands and knees a little bit. You have brothers to keep up with. Slow down, baby girl!

You would think that you’d be sleeping better with all of that busyness, but you’re still not consistently sleeping all night. You’re up once or twice most nights. You just want a little food and a lot of snuggles…then it’s back in your bed. You usually take one good 2-3 hour nap and then are on the go for your other naps. We’re pretty flexible.
Bliss 7 months 069 
I adore you, sweet girl. Your dimple, your giggle, your big bows, the way you love to suck on your toes, your sparkly eyes, the excitement when I walk in the room, you chubby thighs, you sweet, little yawns and so much more. May time slow down just a little…and may I savor every precious moment.
Bliss 7 months 071  Bliss 7 months 072

7 month old 120end-of-Feb-2011-0491_thumbBliss 7 months 044

6(ish) Months Quinn Nash Bliss
Weight 17 lbs. 4 oz. (50%) 21 lbs. 1 oz. (95%) 15 lbs. 8 oz. (38%)
Height 26.8 (75%) 27 in. (75-90%) 25.75 in. (42%)
First Tooth almost 7 mo. 5 mo., 3 weeks not yet!
Sitting Up

6 months

5 mo., 3 wks. 5 mo., 3 wks.
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