Monday, November 17, 2014

Playing a Little Catch Up…

IMG_4589Oh, blogging…how you’re hard to find time for now-a-days! And, with all of the iPhones and Instagramming, so few of my pics come from my “real” camera. But, here are a few posts to catch up on some of the “big” moments from the recent past. Enjoy.

Quinn's 2nd Grade Scarecrow Parade
Halloween 2014
Quinn’s Baptism
Bliss: 6 months.

Bliss Mabry Poe: six months

Quinn's Baptism and more! 005

Quinn's Baptism and more! 001{I had to get this written before it’s time to write the next one…but, the info is and pics are from her 6th month!} My sweet, beautiful girl,

Happy Half Birthday! It’s hard to believe we’re here…halfway through your first year in our lives. It’s no doubt that you are our sunshine…we adore you in this house. Truthfully, you make it easy. You are the happiest, smiliest, most BLISSFUL baby I have ever seen. You’re truly dreamy!

Quinn's Baptism and more! 002

Quinn's Baptism and more! 008Quinn's Baptism and more! 009
This month was full of fun! In your sixth month you tried cereal for your first time and were happy, but underwhelmed. You tagged along for BSF, golf lessons and soccer classes. You cheered on your biggest Bubba at his Boosterthon and cheered WITH your Bubbas as we got a little too rowdy watching the Baylor vs. TCU game on T.V. at home! (Daddy got to be there FOR REAL!) You celebrated with our church staff at our Canadian Thanksgiving and went to your first Trunk Show with Mommy. (and walked away with LOTS of cute clothes)
Quinn's Baptism and more! 013Quinn's Baptism and more! 012Quinn's Baptism and more! 015Quinn's Baptism and more! 016
As far as sleep…you’ve done a little reverting. I long for the days that you slept through the night. You wake up once or twice and MUST eat. But, after a little snack, you’re happy to go back to sleep in your bassinet. Naps are still here and there…if we’re home, they’re usually in your pretty room and last for 2-3 hours. Even though we’re not on a real schedule, you seem to be happy to go with the flow. You’re easy and content most of the time, and I’m so very thankful!
Quinn's Baptism and more! 024Quinn's Baptism and more! 025
It doesn’t even need to be mentioned that you’re still ADORED by your big brothers. They haven't tired of you yet, and I’m not sure that they ever will. You get kisses and hugs and doting remarks EVERY DAY. Will you ever know how lucky you are?
Quinn's Baptism and more! 018Quinn's Baptism and more! 021
Quinn's Baptism and more! 023Your new “trick” is sitting up and you’ve gotten pretty good at it. We love to see you grab your toes…and balance for a while before teetering and falling backwards. The boys are so proud to show you “trick” off. And, my favorite thing is how you play with your feet and even put them in your mouth. It’s so stinkin’ cute!!! Quinn's Baptism and more! 027Quinn's Baptism and more! 029
You have become SO vocal. Jabbering and even yelling…it makes us laugh. You say “Dadadada” the most…and “Nanananna” when you’re upset. It’s usually my cue that you’re ready to eat. Quinn's Baptism and more! 032
Getting you ready continues to my one of my very favorite things. Your closet makes me happy and posting your #BlissPlissOOTD pictures is always so fun. You’re my own little paper doll…how I love it! Quinn's Baptism and more! 038
In a nutshell, you’re precious…you’re loved…and you are such a blessing to our family.
Thank you for bringing us so much joy.

I love you, Sweet Sister Sue,
Quinn's Baptism and more! 041Quinn's Baptism and more! 043

Monday, November 10, 2014

Quinn’s Baptism Day.

I have so much blogging to catch up on, but can’t wait another minute to share the good news! My sweet Quinn Davis Poe was baptized yesterday! Almost three years ago, he came to us and told us that he had prayed and asked Jesus in his heart. We were confused…and felt a little slighted to not have been a part of this amazing moment. But, he said… “I did…I was standing in the hallway between mine and Nash’s room!” (It was in our rent house that we lived in for a year when we moved to Roanoke!) We were happy for him…but realized that it was coming from our four year old’s mouth.

About a year later, we discussed it a little more seriously again…and he would say the same thing…”I already prayed and asked Jesus in my heart. In the hall of our rent house!”

At this point, we were starting to believe that he was serious…and we mentioned baptism. He would say, “I think I need to learn to swim first!” Sweet boy.

When in Kindergarten, Quinn took a “New Believers” class at our church and seemed to really know and understand what it meant to be “saved!” He could answer our questions…even the hard ones…and they weren’t “Sunday School answers!” We were always blown away at his ability to process “big” concepts, but this was something different…and so very special. After the class, he was confidant in his belief, but still not quite ready to be baptized. And, goodness knows, we didn't want to push him.

Then, more time passed. We moved…he started at a new church…a new school…and had a baby sister. And, when we started talking about it after the move, it was clear that he was READY! Excited and anxious and still holding firm to the prayer he prayed in the hallway between his and Nash’s room. But…our sanctuary was being renovated…so, we had a little more time to wait.

Finally, on Sunday, November 2nd, he proudly walked to the front and shared with our congregation that he was ready to be baptized.

Walking forwardAnd with much anticipation, our new sanctuary was opening the very next Sunday. We made sure everything was in order for family to attend and patiently waited for Sunday to arrive.

The night before, we gave him the most DARLING book…a must for children getting baptized…
Baptism Tank
When November 9th came, it felt like Christmas morning. Cousins and grandparents were here to be a part of the big day and he woke up with a smile on his face. When Nash came down the stairs, he proudly said, “Happy Baptism Day, Bubba!” Little did we know how happy it would be.

After going to his Bible Study class, I picked him (and Nash & Bliss) up early to head to the sanctuary to get ready. He was giddy…and so was I! Quinn's Baptism and more! 053He went into the Robing Room with his Daddy and got ready. It was fun to have some buddies getting baptized on the same day. After a few hugs (and a few pics) I went out to check on his fan club and then to the other side of the baptistery to capture the moment. Quinn's Baptism and more! 061Quinn's Baptism and more! 063Quinn's Baptism and more! 064When it came to his time, words can’t describe the joy. Besides the days my children were born, I’ve never felt so very proud and emotional. Watching him so confidently enter the water to share his decision to follow Jesus Christ was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced! I will never, ever forget it! Quinn's Baptism and more! 082
Quinn's Baptism and more! 087
As Matt was asking him questions, he’d look at him…then glance at me…with such genuine joy. My heart. Quinn's Baptism and more! 088
Quinn's Baptism and more! 089
Quinn's Baptism and more! 091

And, when he came up from the water, he leapt into his Daddy’s arms. Precious beyond words.Quinn's Baptism and more! 092

When I got to hug him, he was beaming even more! So proud and excited!! We went to see his family before I walked all of the kids back over to their classes.

On our way, we stopped to write on a part of our building that is still under construction…
Quinn's Baptism and more! 100

Quinn's Baptism and more! 097

Quinn's Baptism and more! 102

Quinn's Baptism and more! 103
When church was over, it was time to come home to celebrate. Our family and our pastor’s family came over for Quinn’s choice of BBQ and cake!
Quinn's Baptism and more! 104Quinn's Baptism and more! 107
Quinn's Baptism and more! 110
His robot cake was based on the song “I Am Not a Robot” by Trip Lee. Quinn loves it and it perfectly describes how you’re no longer a “robot” once you have Christ in your life! Quinn's Baptism and more! 112Quinn's Baptism and more! 114Quinn's Baptism and more! 115Quinn's Baptism and more! 117Quinn's Baptism and more! 124Quinn's Baptism and more! 126Quinn's Baptism and more! 130Quinn's Baptism and more! 131Quinn's Baptism and more! 132Quinn's Baptism and more! 139Quinn's Baptism and more! 142Quinn's Baptism and more! 145
After food and fun, there was some sweet gifts to commemorate his big day…
Mammer and Slickpaw gave him this awesome Bible series…
Baptism 002
Nana and Pawpaw gave him a great journal for him to write his prayers, Bible stories, etc. in…
{And here’s his first entry…}
And, we gave him this devo and a cross necklace. We weren’t sure how he’d feel about it, but his face says it all. He loves it.
 Quinn's Baptism and more! 154Quinn's Baptism and more! 157
Baptism 001
My prayer for this beautiful boy has always been that he would know and love Jesus and NEVER doubt! Never doubt the REALNESS of Jesus…never doubt that the Bible is true…never doubt the Grace he’s been given…and never doubt the decision he’s made!  As he grows, my prayers for him will only become stronger. I have no doubt that, through Christ, Quinn Davis Poe is going to do amazing things for the Kingdom. What a blessing it is to be his Momma.  
Quinn's Baptism and more! 148

“Baptism is an outward expression of an inward faith.”
-Watchman Nee

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