Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pretty in Paisleys

Space Park, Allen Americans, Brynn 049On Saturday, I had the sweet privilege of helping host a baby shower for my friend, Jen. Jen is already a momma of two boys and will soon be loving on her sweet baby girl, Brynn!!! I’m just hoping that her “good fortune” rubs off on me one day! ;) …Since Jen LOVES paisleys, Brynn’s room is full of them…and so was the shower! It made for a darling little theme and a super fun morning! I can’t wait to love on Nash’s sweet little “girl”friend very soon! 
   Space Park, Allen Americans, Brynn 051 Space Park, Allen Americans, Brynn 052

Space Park, Allen Americans, Brynn 053

Space Park, Allen Americans, Brynn 054 Space Park, Allen Americans, Brynn 055 Space Park, Allen Americans, Brynn 056  Space Park, Allen Americans, Brynn 058 Space Park, Allen Americans, Brynn 059   Here are 5 of the 8 of us that will be a part of the new playgroup! I’m so excited for all of our little ones to be friends!!!…
Kori is due in August with Baby ?
Jen is due in April with Baby Girl Brynn
Shannon is due in September with Baby ?
I am due in July with Baby Boy Nash
And, Jody had Sweet Baby Girl Colbie in January! Space Park, Allen Americans, Brynn 062


Mary said...

What cute decorations! Did y'all make those? Good Lord you're talented.

Love the pictures as usual and for me it's always fun to see Jody. We had lunch on Sunday and talked about you-I told her I wanted to invite myself to come when y'all get together. :)

Kate said...

What a blessing to have so many friends pregnant/having babies together! So fun!

Hope you're feeling well!

Amy said...

(I found your blog through a friend.) I'm throwing a baby shower for a momma who's pretty hip and I was wanting to do a paisley print for her when I stumbled upon your post! Where did you get such awesome papers and plates/decorations??

ThePoeFam said...

AMY...the plates are from Hobby Lobby, but all of the paisley decor was made by the hostess' mom with her Cricket machine. (I'm not sure if that's the right spelling...but those "scrapbooking" machines that cut out all kinds of shapes, letters,etc!) She did an amazing job!!! Sorry to not be much help. Good luck!

Becky said...

Okay - so, I have seen Jody on here a few times and I'm almost 100% positive she and I worked at Pine Cove together ages ago. Did she go to A&M? If you remember, the next time you are with her - you must ask her if she worked there and remembers Poolwiz (that was my camp name) and if I'm wrong then she looks JUST like that girl! HAHA!! And how fun that you will have a special play group for Nash like you do with Quinn. Love it!!!