Monday, March 15, 2010

Open House: Our LONGGG Hallway


   “Home is the place where it feels right to

walk around without shoes”


It has been a while since I’ve done a little “Open House” around our house. And, when the {so called} hallway was clean and dusted the other day, I found it the perfect opportunity to snap some pics and share them with you!

So, welcome to the hallway that stretches from right past the dining room all the way to the living room. (Does that have a name!?) This is the spot that stressed me out when we moved in. I think it’s hard to decorate BIG walls! But, I think I’m finally satisfied with the way it looks…for now! …Come on in…
Hallway, start of S, 1st Soccer Game, etc. 016
This is the first part…it is the home of some of my very favorite Sid Dickens plaques. The “prince and princess” ones were given to Matt and I by my Mom & Dad the Valentine’s Day that we were engaged! I love them. And, Mom gave us the letters for holidays during our first year of marriage! :) hall 002

This wall was my Mother’s Day gift last year. I copied a wall from Pottery Barn and was so happy with how it turned out! It took lots of arranging and rearranging on the guest bed before it was nailed to the wall, but I really love looking at it every day. It has a few of Quinn’s newborn pictures, various pictures from the past 3 years, some silhouettes that I made, an asparagus print that my great-aunt painted for me, and more! I still need to add some pictures or more keys to the long frame on the left ….and, pretty soon, some of the pictures will need to be replaced with our “new” family! :) Hallway, start of S, 1st Soccer Game, etc. 014 Between this wall and the next part is a hall closet that is full of coats, craft stuff, our vacuum and games. It could definitely use a little organization (and probably will be on the “to do” list before Baby Nash gets here!) … I must admit that I do LOVE my shoe organizer that hangs on the door! It is the home of frequently used items like screwdrivers, glue guns, nails, batteries, twine, and more! It’s so nice to have a “catch all” that stays fairly organized! 
more hall 003 more hall 004 But, on the door, hangs a wreath that my mom made me for my birthday. This door usually houses something seasonal! I see it often, so I like to change it!!!
Hallway, start of S, 1st Soccer Game, etc. 009 Then, the last little spot has pictures that Matt and I had taken between our 2nd and 3rd year of marriage! I love them and know I always will! They’re fun…and we had so much fun taking them!!! I’d say they’re our home’s “most commented on” item! Hallway, start of S, 1st Soccer Game, etc. 004

Here is the quote that’s next to these pics…Perfect, right? more hall 001

  The little table (that actually used to be our bedside tables in our bedroom), holds some precious pictures and Matt’s great-grandma Charlsie’s three published books! I love that we have a copy of each of them to proudly display in our home! Hallway, start of S, 1st Soccer Game, etc. 008more hall 002  Here’s a view from the other way. I do love our two sided clock and light fixture! …
Hallway, start of S, 1st Soccer Game, etc. 001

We love it…hope you did too!


Kendall and Brooks said...

We have a shoe organizer for organzing STUFF in our hall closet too! LOVE IT!!!! So glad you started up the Open House feature again :)

Jennifer said...

Yea! Thanks! I've been dying to see the big picture wall! I love it! I have lots of new wall space in our new house that I know will make perfect 'picture walls' so I've been scoping them out :) Love yours!

Irina said...

where is your clock from?

Brianna said...

Can you come to my house? :)

Jill said...

Yes, I do LOVE it!!!