Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hospital Bed = Fun!

Last week, our sweet friend Margie was admitted to the hospital due to going into pre-term labor with her twins! Margie is 26 weeks along with two precious baby girls…and is doing great! Thankfully, they were able to stop labor…but, she’s stuck in that hospital bed until her little ones arrive! (Which will hopefully be about 2 months!!!) So, Remy and I decided it was time for a little hospital intervention! We had too much fun going to Hobby Lobby and choosing the perfect fall “craft” to spruce up Margie’s room!  And, last night, from 8 to 11:30, we had a blast gluing, cutting, painting, chatting, and, of course, EATING!!! Since we were so impressed with our creation, we plan on having many more hospital craft nights!!! :) … And, while you’re looking at these pics, please say a prayer for Margie, Kendall and Emery! (and Daddy, J.R., too!) Pray that those babies will stay with their momma for as LONG as they need to and that God will give Mommy and Daddy a peace that surpasses all understanding! (Philippians 4:7)

 Garden MTM and Margie 018Garden MTM and Margie 019 Garden MTM and Margie 021 Garden MTM and Margie 022Garden MTM and Margie 024

Here is the creation hanging in my house! I don’t think the picture does it justice! …Garden MTM and Margie 027 Garden MTM and Margie 026


Megan McCurry said...

Hey Brittney!

How did you get the holes in the top of the wooden letters? I'd love to make one of those...just need a little guidance!

Too cute!

Megan McCurry

Kelli said...

How SWEET of you girls to take that to the hospital. What a great idea!

I think you need to include a how-to tutorial! Those are so cute!

Andrew said...