Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happiness is CELEBRATING the little things!!!

Why in the world would we make a big deal about Quinn’s half birthday?

Well….why not!?!?!?

Today, my little man turned TWO & a half! And, if you were ever a kid, you know that the number with the half next to it is VERY different from just the number. And, Quinn now knows that when asked how old he is, he is to respond with “Two and a half!”

And, in honor of my big Two and a half year old, we did LOTS of celebrating. It started last weekend. We headed to the mall so that Quinn could cash in his free “Happy Half-Birthday” cookie coupon! He was so proud to “pay” for his cookie and chose the sugar one with lots of purple sprinkles!!…cookie and football treats 003 cookie and football treats 002While we were at the mall, I cashed in my coupon at the Picture People. I got this trilogy for FREE, my friends! It was a fabulous deal!!! We had Q’s picture made in his new Polo from Mammer…with the #2 on the sleeve…and let him just “be Quinn” and play with his trains! It was the easiest photo shoot yet! :) And, Quinn is so proud of the new pictures that hang in his room!…Half Birthday and Sutton's Party 043Then, this weekend, Mammer & Slickpaw came in town to celebrate! We started the weekend by a yummy dinner followed by dessert at Yogolicious! It’s one of our new favorite spots and Quinn gets SO excited to choose his flavors and toppings! …

Half Birthday and Sutton's Party 008 Half Birthday and Sutton's Party 015 Half Birthday and Sutton's Party 020  Then, Saturday came…and it was the day that Quinn had been planning for over a week. He knew that when Mammer & Slickpaw came in town that he wanted to “eat pizza, play games and get a pirate this time!” So, because Slickpaw is a softie…that’s what we did! And, it was TOO fun! Quinn was the cutest little pirate…and so proud of his new look…just like he was when he was a tiger! He can’t wait to run back to the mirror as soon as he runs away!!! I love how he loves it…cracks me up!!!…Half Birthday and Sutton's Party 022Half Birthday and Sutton's Party 027 Half Birthday and Sutton's Party 030 And, thanks to a little inside help (we knew the guy in charge of the games!), Quinn came home with a LiteBrite as his prize!!! (as well as a pirate bandana, bouncy ball, airplanes and 600 tickets to spare!) WOW!!! I love that my little boy has a toy that I loved as a child! …Half Birthday and Sutton's Party 031 Then, after nap it was TIME FOR CAKE! Quinn could not wait to blow out his candle, sing Happy Birthday to himself and EAT this chocolate cake that Mammer made him! I got it all on video!! It’s priceless for sure!!!…Half Birthday and Sutton's Party 033 Half Birthday and Sutton's Party 034Slickpaw's Camera 2 and a half 003 Then, it was time for a few presents…why not? Quinn and I went in the bedroom so that Daddy could set up his “sussy!” (our word for “surprise!”) He covered his eyes while we waited…even though the door was closed! Cute boy!!!…Half Birthday and Sutton's Party 038Then, when it was time, Quinn walked out to find THIS toy! The little show that goes with this toy has been Quinn’s OBSESSION for the last few weeks. If your kids love Cars, they’ll love these Cars Toons!…and the toys are SUPER hard to find…we were so thankful to find this at Toys R Us! And, Q was BEYOND excited!!!…the amount of time that has already been spent on this toy was WELL worth the money!…

Slickpaw's Camera 2 and a half 015 Slickpaw's Camera 2 and a half 017    Half Birthday and Sutton's Party 041 Slickpaw's Camera 2 and a half 024Half Birthday and Sutton's Party 042   Slickpaw's Camera 2 and a half 027For it only being a half birthday, Quinn was SPOILED for sure! Mammer and Slickpaw got him lots of new fall clothes and three cool new movies! And, he had the weekend that would bring a smile to any Two and a half year old’s face! Oh how I love my little man!!! And, oh how I love celebrating with him…even the little things!!!


Jennifer said...

Wow, where did you get the picture people coupon? What a steal! I love his little pirate face-what a great 1/2 birthday!

Andrew said...

man, whoever did the face paint is good. Speaking of which, that football cake looks delicious.

Shannon Boyer said...

Did you have to pay for the trilogy frame? I have the coupon for free 5x7 and 8x10, but not hte whole set- can you share??? We are headed to take Brayden's halloween costume pictures this week!

danielandshannonboyer at hotmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Good one on happiness and it helps a lot.

Karim - Mind Power

Kimberly said...

it's all about the little things! and who does that face painting? i need lessons.