Sunday, January 22, 2017

9. {Quinn Davis Poe}

My single-digit Quinn Davis Poe,
Before you get too close to double digits, I had to take a minute to document how much I love your 9 year old self! I can't even process that you're less than 3 months away from, for today, you're 9 and I'm holding tight!
You're a thinker! Goodness, such a thinker! The questions you ask have always been numerous but now they're so deep and big boyish. You have such big questions about Jesus and God and heaven. Since you've read your Power Bibles dozens of times, you have so much knowledge of the Scriptures...more than me...and always have such good questions that I usually don't know the answer to. You even decided that we probably don't remember our baby days because Jesus wants us to have to choose Him instead of us always having known who He was...since we started with Him. You're asking big growing-up questions and even used Santa in air quotes this Christmas.

But, in the midst of all of this big boy stuff, you still seem so little sometimes. You're still fearful and come downstairs way too many times after bedtime. You still snuggle with Milo and had a brief panic moment when he was lost for a few days. There's no doubt that you still love our company above anyone else's...especially if you can have your iPod in hand while you're with us.

We're so thankful that you still love school...4th grade! You're smart and doing so great. You even got Cool Cougar during the First Nine Weeks this year...and your teacher praised you for for always being positive, happy and smiling. It's obvious that you are loved...and the way that you treat others makes us so very proud.
There's no doubt that you still love sweets and have seemed to become even more of a picky eater. As long as we can keep the cavities away, you could use the extra calories...such a bony baroni. Your favorite things include, but aren't limited to, Harry Potter, Star Wars, video games, yellow, reading, monkeys, comfy clothes and legos. You would talk about most of those things for hours on end.

This year, you started caring about your hair...right around the same time that you got glasses! You're SO proud of your glasses and look so very handsome in them. Sometimes I look at you and still can't believe you're mine. I see your baby self and a little man at the same time.

At school you're involved in Destination Imagination, the Wave Club, GT Envision, the 4th grade choir and just about anything else they'll let you be involved in. Outside of school, you're in Running Club, extra races and are super involved at church...we're usually there when the doors are open and you really enjoy it and your friends there.
You're still such a great big brother! You and Nash are at the ages where you can push each other's buttons, but you still truly enjoy each other's company. And I'm pretty sure you'd do anything your little sister asked you to do. You're a good help around the house...but would always rather be doing your own things...and then apologize when I call you out for doing it less than joyfully. You're super self reflective and quick to apologize and forgive.

You rarely stop moving...always fiddling. You do a great British accent. You hate Math. You don't like talking about having a girlfriend...or if girls are pretty. You don't like quiet very much. You cherish alone time with Daddy or me. Your seat of choice at school is an exercise ball. You can't wait to go back to Disney World. You pray when you're scared. You still sleep with your head covered up and too many lights on. You still call me Momma or Mommy...and I hope that never changes. You love being home. You're so creative. And, I love it all...everything about you!

Thank you for making me a Momma and for not rolling your eyes too much when I want to hug you tight! I loved you first, Quinn Davis Poe...and I'm so proud of you!

I love you more than you'll ever know,


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