Tuesday, November 01, 2016

{A Wizard, a Droid and a Mouse}

I must admit that Halloween on a Monday seems like a cruel joke for Mommas/Kids/Teachers, but that didn't stop us from having the MOST fun night! Being a Momma is always pretty great, but there are very few nights that top Halloween night when it comes to enjoying your babies! ThePoeTrio has been talking about this night for months and it's so fun to see all of their excitement and planning come together. 

*Harry Potter (because he has now finished ALL of the books and might be a bit obsessed!) 

*BB-8 (it's ALL he wanted to be and a big boy costume that was able to be played in was impossible to find...so, guess what? He's wearing a dog costume and a bicycle helmet!) 
*"Minnie Pink" (As much as I love Minnie, I had high hopes for Rapunzel since it's her fav princess. But, "Minnie Pink" was what she had her heart set on!! And, I think her choice was perfect!)  

Bliss (2 1/2)  felt so pretty all night long and asked me over and over again if I loved her dress! She wore her costume and her ears proudly...but the black nose was wiped off before we even got to the festival! I could have just eaten her up all night! 

Nasher Noo (6 years old) was such a hoot in his (puppy) BB-8 costume! Once he realized he could ball up and look just like his favorite droid, he showed everyone he came across. He owned that big belly all night!!! 

And, oh...Quinn (9 1/2)...the cutest Harry Potter I've ever seen. He loved having his hair painted black and was super proud of how authentic his scar looked! ;) He recited spells and decided he needs glasses...because they make him see better...he can tell! lol! 

After getting these crazies ready all by myself (major Mommy points!!!), we headed to our church's annual Fall Fest! As always, it was SUCH an impressive and fun night! Characters, games, prizes, food, friends and FUNNNN! 

This was when she realized the princess were coming!!!....

Meeting Anna and Elsa...They, and all of the other princess she met throughout the night, got big hugs from Bliss...
The Live Pokemon GO! game was a huge hit! Once they found all four guys and collected all four colored lights, they got a special prize!!! The Pokemon would pop up and go away...so the boys were on the look out all night! 

 She had been ecstatic about riding "Lella's Carriage" for days! Unfortunately, we had to wait for Daddy to get "off duty" to ride it and she was not wanting to wait. But, it ended up being worth the wait and all that she hoped it would be!!! More pics of that to come from the church photographer! :) 

It's always hard to remember to take pics of all of our fun friends, but here are a few...Mickey was EVERYWHERE and Bliss loved it...


 I'd say that these two stole the show!!! The cutest Minnie and Mickey pair EVER...


Time for Daddy to join in on the fun and finally ride Lella's Carriage... 

 After more fun and candy that we could stand, we headed home to do a little neighborhood trick-or-traeting to finish out our night. Walking around with my 3 was pretty perfect! So thankful for them...for this night...

It's always the MOST fun and MOST exhausting...but we have loads of candy and memories to show for it! 

Hope your Halloween was one to be remembered!!!