Sunday, January 22, 2017

2.5 {Bliss Mabry Poe}

Bliss Mabry Poe,
My sweet Lovey Lou Lou. Two and a half has come and gone and it all seems to be going too fast. I find myself counting down the semesters until you go to Kindergarten and it's not enough...and it hurts my heart! So I'm going to try to focus on one day at a time and soak in all of your girly cuteness as much as I can.

I love our days together. We have so much fun and, for the most part, you're such a good little girl. Sure I get very little done when we're both home...but, these are THOSE days, right? When we aren't at home watching Peppa, eating Gunguh or playing with princess or dolls or in your kitchen, we love to shop! You get excited when we go to the mall and are SO MUCH FUN! At the mall, the carousel and Disney Store are a must...and I love them both as much as you do.

Wednesdays are always ballet days and they're our favorite. You love to go to dance and are so darling in your pink tutu with all of your ballet friends. Thursdays we go to BSF and you love that too. You always eagerly tell me what you learned about Jesus and about your friends. I love our days together.

Thankfully you're still a good napper. You usually go down for a nap right after lunch and I usually have to wake you at about 2:45 so that we can go get Bubbas from school. Now that you're potty training (and doing pretty great), getting out of the house seems near impossible. I always want to make sure you go before we're in the long car-rider line.
You're in the quotable stage and it's too much fun! Some of my favorites are when I tell you you don't need something and you'll respond with "Yes My Do!" I also love that you recently told me all about how "Daddy died the ant!" You were so glad he got rid of that yucky bug. Your long conversations are so darling...I try to catch it on camera but you catch on quick. You are so expressive and use your hands when you talk. Such a chatty girly!

In a nutshell, you're a terrible eater. You go few places without Alli, your pink bear. You have the sweetest, raspiest voice. You have an opinion about what you wear and only want to wear dresses. Pink is your VERY favorite color and you tell us ALL of the time. You're not a very good sharer. You think you're way bigger than 2 1/2. But, you make it clear that you ARE 2 1/2 when you tell people how old you are. You love puppies, purses, beans and princesses. Your Bubbas hung the moon in your eyes and really do so much to help you/entertain you. You're still tiny for your age...and I kinda love it. You can be quite clingy...and a handful at times...needing Momma and fussing about the silliest things. I guess it's part of being two.

But, goodness, how I love you. You're a dream come true and such a blessing. Thank you for giving me a new reason to love pink, glitter, princesses and all things girly!

You're my favorite girl!! And I love you most!