Sunday, January 22, 2017

6. {Nash Baylor Poe}

Nasher Noo,
Silly. Charming. Fun. Busy. Sensitive. There's no way to sum you up! It's amazing to me that God can give me two boys that are SO different...but, I'm so glad He did.

You are full of life and always moving. After a full day at Kindergarten, you come home to immediately start some game that includes a ball! You either create your own game or want to shoot hoops or kick the soccer ball into the goal. You've played soccer and basketball since Kinder has begun and are about to try flag football. You're also in Running Club with you Bubba. I'm afraid you're going to want to play them all...there just aren't enough hours in the day!

I'm not surprised but am so thankful that you LOVE Kindergarten. It's so fun having you and Quinn at the same school this does something good for my Momma heart to know you're both under the same roof. You're growing and learning so much...and are really reading now! Your teacher sings your praises about your writing and even awarded you with the Cool Cougar award during the 2nd 9 weeks of school. She said that you are loving and kind to everyone and have a good attitude every day. That makes us more proud that you can imagine. 
 Anywhere you go, you're the life of the party. Your personality is magnetic and people seem to flock to you. You're kind and fun and clearly very loved. I thought it would end with Preschool, but the "I'm going to marry Nash" talks from little girls have continued. It cracks us up! 

At home, you can be quite the handful...pestering and loud and busy, like I said before. But, in the next breath, you're the most helpful of the bunch!...Always willing to do anything to help Bliss or me. If I make it a game or am a part of it with you, you're almost always on board...even if it means cleaning the banisters or unloading the dishwasher. You're the official "bug getter" in our house. You have no fear and are so proud when you get the job done. 
Sometimes I have to remind myself that you're only 6. Because you're so big and so responsible, I often forget. Your sensitive self comes out at times and you'd cuddle all day long. You want to hold my hand ALL of the time when we're out and about. You don't like getting in usually brings you to tears. You are already eating us out of house and home...I'm amazed at your appetite. You for sure eat more than I do! You truly are a bottomless pit.
 I love watching your relationship with the Lord grow! You're asking some BIG questions and have prayed to ask Jesus to live in your heart! We're reading a book with you now, but I'm certain you'll be ready to be baptized soon. May you always love Him and never, ever doubt!!! That's my prayer for you! 
You love orange and all things BB-8. Sports are your love...right next to stuffed animals. You sleep with too many to count. (But, Tigey...your tiger, is your very favorite!) Clothes matter to you. You change multiple times a day and have to look just right. You look in the mirror a lot. ;) You love McDonald's and candy and root beer and your family! 

For years, I've told you that you make things more fun! And, I have a feeling it will forever be the truth. I can't imagine life without you, Nasher Noo. Thank you for all you do to make me laugh, truly help me and remind me how much you love me! You are a joy...a hoot...and you (and your dimples) have my heart! 
I love, so much!!!


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What a great post!

Since I was lucky enough to stumble upon your blog I've been addicted and can't stop reading! You are truly a refreshing point of view. I appreciate your words and willingness to share your experiences. My husband and I blog as well. We'd be honored to get a visit to our website from you! We look forward to getting to know you virtually!

have a blessed day,

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He is adorable!

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