Tuesday, September 12, 2017

ThePoeTrio Goes To School

Nowadays, I am crazy aware that I have three children! (And also crazy aware that his blog is ALMOST a thing of the past!) Life is non-stop busy and full of fun and crazy. But, today, I have three children in school! Even though one of them will only be there twice a week...they're still ALL in school! It's the STRANGEST feeling to be in my house...doing laundry, planning Disney trips and eating lunch without anyone around. 

Gloriously strange. 

I sure miss them when they're away...but, I'm excited for the start of a season where I get some time to get things complete without my little Velcro...or two rowdy little boys around. ...But, just for a little while. Because I've sure checked my watch a million times...and can't wait to pick them all up! 

Praise Jesus that I love to be around them all...and Praise Jesus that they all love school...and still love coming home...and still REALLY love their Momma! 

{And praise Jesus for iPhones...because how would we EVER have pics of our kids without them these days!}

I can't believe this baby boy of mine just started 5th grade! An official pre-teen and looking bigger every single day! 
My Nasher Noo started my favorite grade this year...and his freckle faced and big-boy toothed self is going to love every minute! He LOVES school and loves being around all of his friends. 
And this baby girl of mine has been counting the days until it was HER turn to go to school! She couldn't wait and woke up excited to take Alli with her to their first day of school. When I told her I was sure going to miss her, she grabbed my face and whispered...""Don't worry, Momma. I'll come back...everyday!" I can't wait to hear every single detail of her day! And, goodness I'm thankful that's she's only going 2 days a week! 


Le Ann said...

It's so great to hear about your family again!!! I've missed you!

Kerry Schultz said...

I can understand your feeling to see your little champ growing so fast. Congratulations on his first day in 5th grade.So many best wishes in your way for your champ.

pexejurer said...
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