Friday, August 07, 2015

{Nash’s Star Wars SPLASH}

Party time is the best time! I love how it allows me to really focus on celebrating the birthday boy/girl and how the party gives me those moments of extreme thankfulness! I have such vivid memories of every birthday party I’ve thrown for my littles…and now I have a Star Wars Splash party to add to the memory bank!

IMG_4026{^^^Precious invite is by Amy from Amy’s Simple Designs Etsy store. Visit to see all of the amazing invitiations, party supplies, annoucenements and more that she makes! I have a feeling you’ll find something darling for your next event!}
On Sunday, July 5th, after church, it was time to celebrate our Nasher in style. We took our Star Wars best to a local splash pad and waited for our guests to arrive. IMG_7743IMG_7745IMG_7750IMG_7754IMG_7755IMG_7759IMG_7760
Nash had quite the crowd that came to celebrate him and everyone had an absolute blast. Thankfully, the kiddos were cool in the water, because the weather was HOTTTTTT and humid! Our cupcakes were quite the melted mess by the time we ate them.
Birthday boy JOY…
Nash's Birthday Slickpaw 073Nash's Birthday Slickpaw 078Nash's Birthday Slickpaw 083Nash's Birthday Slickpaw 081IMG_7781IMG_7783
Nash’s sweet Sunday School teachers came to celebrate…he invited them himself in class…IMG_7785IMG_7787IMG_7788
The birthday song is always so sweet…I love how Nash loved it…

After eating, it was time for our saber war…complete with bubbles to fight…IMG_7807IMG_7817IMG_7825IMG_7826IMG_7827IMG_7828IMG_7833IMG_7836IMG_7838
It was a wonderful party! Nash was quick to thank us for his fun party on the drive home and deemed it his “favorite party ever!” How I love that boy! IMG_7843


annalee said...

ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE! The birthday boy and all these details.

Kami said...

Where did you get the foam guns? I'm having a splash party for my 5yo too...must have!!

ThePoeFam said...

Kami, I made them out of half of a pool noodle and tape!! Easy!!!

Fernando Solis Eguiza said...

El Niño Y Tu Pilin