Friday, August 07, 2015

Nasher Noo is a WHOLE HAND!

There are few better days than your birthday! Until you’re a Momma. Then, there are few better day that your babies’ birthdays! I get giddy going to bed on my kids’ birthday eve. Reminiscing of that day…however many years before…the eve before they entered our lives and changed it forever!
So, it’s without surprise that greeting them on their birthday morning is one of the sweetest moments of my year! Happy 5th Birthday, Sweet Nasher Noo! 531
Good Morning Love…
Nash's Birthday Slickpaw 101Nash's Birthday Slickpaw 102
He’s a whole hand and couldn’t wait to dig into his presents…Nash's Birthday Slickpaw 103

Then, at lunch time, a bunch of the kids from the youth group came over for “Lunch Bunch.” Since, it was shark week, we all celebrated Nash with a shark cookie cake.
We also decided that our sweet, annual nose pic needed to be in the pool this year. Such a lovey, this guy!!! He soaks up snuggles and love like crazy….
So proud of his new scooter and helmet from Mammer & Slickpaw…IMG_7878IMG_7884
Mid afternoon, Nash, Mammer, Bliss and I took a little walk to one of our neighborhood parks. He loves walks so it was perfect for his special day…
My favorite part was when we got to the park and he said he could do the monkey bars now that he’s 5! And, guess what? That’s just what he did! Over and over! How? Because he’s 5…and when you turn 5, you get stronger! Melts me like crazy!!!
We found lots of pretty treasures on our walk and made a pretty #5…549551552
After dining on a PB&J for dinner (birthday boy’s choice), we sang again and blew out the candles on another birthday cake…the special one Mammer made. I love how he lights up when it’s sung to him! IMG_7891IMG_7894

    It was a special day! Celebrating our sweet 5 year old all day long! I have a feeling it’s going to be one of the best year’s yet!

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