Thursday, October 09, 2014

Bliss’ First Cereal

On Saturday night, October 4th, Bliss had her first cereal. It was a big family production….with lots of excitement to sit her in her new highchair and use her cute bowl and bib. And, even though the doting fan club was pretty fun for our Little Bliss Priss, the cereal was quite underwhelming. We got a few smiles…and many confused looks…but, as soon as she’d try to swallow it down, she’d give us a gag and a shiver. So, for now, we’ll try cereal here and there…but we’ll stick to the good stuff! {Just call me Bessie!}First Cereal 264First Cereal 262First Cereal 266First Cereal 267First Cereal 270

First Cereal 273

First Cereal 276
{chalk art by Quinn!…most photos by Slickpaw!}

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Kendra said...

Adorable!!! She is absolutely perfect!