Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Bliss Mabry Poe: Five Months

Sweet baby girl,
Stop right now, ok? Just quit getting bigger! You can consistently sleep through the night if you’d like…but, other than that…never change, ok?

This month was full of fun. With both of your Big Bubbas in school, we get two days a week…just you and me! I cherish it so and look at you longer those days. We also had another trip to the hair salon, wore Baylor colors for the first time, had our first “Girls Night In” (cucumber facials included) and took lots of fun, family nature walks. You danced with your Daddy, laughed at your Bubbas, spent lots of time at church, started BSF (still staying with Mommy until they have an opening for you), road tripped to Dallas and more. 012_thumb[1]016_thumb

054_thumb[3]Somehow you seem to get cuter every day…and, even though you’re getting bigger, you still seem so tiny compared to your Big Brothers at this age. I still love dressing you and have to take your picture almost daily in your cute outfits. (#BlissPrissOOTD) You get noticed everywhere we go for your darling personality…and people are always amazed at how you smile at them.

Unfortunately, your days of sleeping through the night didn’t last long enough. You wake up at least once a night and act starving…and, I feed you. You’re still in our room…it’s just easier that way…and one of the ways I can hang on to your “babyness!” You eat about every 4 hours during the day and really only fuss if you’re hungry. You still don’t love your car seat all of the time, but Gladys (your car seat toy) makes it so much better.
This month you really started noticing your toys and will grab for them. You can pull the things on your bouncy seats and smile when the music begins. You got an Exersaucer and really love it too. You’ll often play in it for 30 minutes. You’re starting to think about sitting up but topple over quickly. And, you’ve found your toes. It’s my favorite thing ever! Unfortunately, you’ve also found you bow and LOVE to pull it down to chew on it. “Bow training” may begin sooner than I thought! {Kidding…kind of!}032_thumb035
I love how you talk and jabber…and how girly you sound. And, you love putting EVEYTHING in your mouth. You’re starting to drool a lot…which makes us think we’ll see a tooth any day. You’re content most of the time and are most entertained by your sweet brothers. How they adore you. When they’re rough and driving US crazy, you seem to love it more. It’s hard to make them stop when your giggles are so contagious. They kiss and hug you so much and sing songs talking about how much they love you. Their baby talk voices couldn’t be sweeter. You have two forever fans in them, for sure! 042_thumb[15]

I’m not really sure how we made it without you. You’re so precious and give us all so much to be thankful for. Your sunshine personality adds so much to our family and entertains us all for hours. Thank you for being our sweet girly…for kissing us…and for telling us how much you love us with your beautiful, sparkly eyes. You are so precious.

I love you a bushel and a peck, sweet Sister Sue,
Your Mommy

At 5 months old, you love…
The water! Baths and swimming bring out the smiles every time.
Your toes
Your passy
Kissing our chins
Putting EVERYTHING in your mouth
Snuggling with us
Being sung to
Sleeping on your tummy
Being in your pretty room to play

At 5 months old, you don’t love…
When you’re hungry
Being in your car seat too long
The sad noise that Daddy can make.

I don’t want to forget…
How much I miss you when you sleep
The way your little eyes soak in your world
The way you smile at me when I get you from your bed
Your huge, gummy, no teeth grin
How your brothers make you laugh
The sweet noises you make when you eat
How time apart from you just doesn’t seem necessary 

5_months_016_thumb[4]_thumb  Nash 5 months old 068_thumb[10]_thumb

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Mandi said...

Your Bliss is so beautiful!

I'm honestly glad to see that we are not the only ones with our baby still sleeping in our room (at almost 6 months old now!), and still waking once during the night to eat.

Our girls are very similar in their likes...baths, putting everything in their mouth, paci, and big brothers. Fun!!