Thursday, June 26, 2014

Glorieta 2014

Oh Glorieta! You’ve quickly found a super special place in our hearts. Since this is the 3rd year that we’ve taken a group to camp there…and the 3rd year for my boys and Mammer & Slickpaw…things have become nostalgic. And, I love that! I love that, in the middle of the HOT summer, we get to get-away to a place with beauty and necessary sweatshirts! This year, LOTS of cool changes have been made to Glorieta…and even though the changes are hard for many, we're excited for the kids that will come to know Christ because of blobs and zip lines!

It was a great week! Matt brought about 150 kids and everyone seemed to truly enjoy it. ThePoeFam tagged along…and did a little of our own thing too. Since I seem to be feeding a baby non-stop, it was a little harder to be involved, but I’m so thankful for the times that I got to spend with the youth. (Thanks to Mammer & Slickpaw!) I love that my boys get to explore…and dig in the dirt…and see how amazing camp life is! We really enjoy going in to Santa Fe each year, too! I’m always reminded, at camp, how fun it is to be a Youth Pastor’s family! We’re blessed to get to see Matt in his element…he’s really SO good at his job!

So, enjoy our week in pictures! It will quickly prove what fun we had. See ya next year, Glorieta! 
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