Thursday, June 26, 2014

Bliss Gets Her Wings!

While our crazy guys were inducted into the “Fuse Night Wolf Pack” on the way to church camp in Glorieta this year, Bliss Priss and I decided to take a much more glamorous route…

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Since 13+ hours in a bus (overnight) just didn’t seem like our thing, we spent the night in our cozy beds and got up the next morning to get all dressed up and head to the airport. 258After Matt’s secretary dropped us off at the airport, we made it through security and then had some girly time…drinking smoothies and touring the airport.
When it was time to board, I was so thankful that God answered my prayer and ended up giving us 2 seats to ourselves. It was so nice to spread out and nurse without bothering a neighbor. (I was SO nervous about getting seated by some 20something guy that would have been TOTALLY freaked out!!!)
Bliss was a dream on her first flight. Sleeping…smiling…and not bothering any of her passengers! Mommy just enjoyed the view and I even closed my eyes for a while. It was hard to do anything else…so I took it as a cue that I was just supposed to enjoy my sleeping 7 week old!

When we got to the airport in Albuquerque, Mammer and Slickpaw were there to pick us up! …Then we had a WHOLE 5 days to spend in Glorieta!
And, after a fun-filled week, it was time to do it all again. We went back to the airport (dressed so cute, of course) and were ready to fly home. After a semi-embarrassing spectacle and nursing session in the middle of the airport…and a little more girly time with smoothies and pizza, we boarded our plane. 325324328
This time, we were seated by the KINDEST woman who was an Army Councilor. She was headed overseas for 6 months to council soldiers and went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable…once again, an answer to prayer!

Then, half way through the flight, the stewardess came over and told me there were two vacant seats at the back if we would like them! WOW! So, we, once again, had space to stretch out without disturbing anyone. Bliss was a darling girl on our flight home too! She slept…ate…and smiled at her Momma! Since it was a little bit of a turbulent flight, I couldn’t help but get nervous. And, in my nervousness, I felt the Lord comfort me by having me look at my beautiful, sleeping baby. In the midst of turbulence, she was so calm…so trusting…so peaceful! What an amazing picture of how we should be with our Savior…trusting…calm…peaceful! There’s no reason NOT to trust!
I survived my first time to fly “alone!” People were so helpful and kind when they saw me with my little bitty!…oohing and ahhing over how cute and tiny Bliss was! What a fun experience with my girl! May it be the first of many adventures together!

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Sommer said...

Such a sweet post and to see Gods hand move and take breath in your everyday ;)