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Bliss Mabry Poe: Two months

2 months old 039_thumb[2]
Sweet Sister Sue,
You melt me! Seriously, I’m so in love with you! I remember patiently waiting for the day that I knew your brothers loved me too…their smiles seemed to take FOREVER to come. But, not you! You are, hands down, the smiliest baby I have EVER seen! It takes very little to see your precious grin…your crinkled nose (sorry…you got that from me!)…your perfect dimple on the same side as mine…you little tongue. And, each time you do it, I laugh…just because my heart is so very full!

2 months old 023_thumb
2 months old 026Your second month was a busy one! Your Bubbas finished up their school years and we had LOTS of end of the year stuff to attend together. You did great and got lots of attention everywhere we went. You came to the hair salon with me for the first time…first of many, I’m sure! You heard your Daddy preach for the first time. (I won’t tell him that you slept through the whole thing!) You started sleeping more…7 hours at a time sometimes!!! WOW! And, you and Mommy had your first BIG adventure by flying on an airplane together to New Mexico! As a precious 7 week old, you were a perfect traveler and had a great week at camp in Glorieta with Daddy, Mammer, Slickpaw, Quinn, Nash and LOTS of your grown up friends from church. Once again, you got lots of attention! You’re pretty famous, actually!
2 months old 029

2 months old 033  2 months old 034
The newness has definitely not worn off when it comes to your brothers. They ADORE you more and more, it seems! Nash especially loves to help pick out your clothes and always tells you how beautiful you look. And, they both like it when you watch shows with them. We’ve actually nicknamed them the “Smother Brothers” because they are CONSTANTLY in your face giving you love and kisses. You rarely seem to mind! 2 months old 037A schedule is pretty non-existent. I don’t  feel the need to get you on one quite yet…I like that you’re going with the flow! Naturally, you’re eating ever 3 to 4 hours during the day and bedtime seems to fall around 9:00 each night. You still love napping in our arms, on the couch or in Mommy and Daddy’s bed the best…on your belly, of course. And, you’re in your basinet right by Mommy at night. I love having you there. 2 months old 038

2 months old 040
At two months old you love…
Being in our arms.
When we talk to you and sing you songs.
Bath time with Mommy.
Being cozy in your jammies.
Flying on an airplane
Your WubbaNub.
Looking at your pretty shoes or your toes.
Your room.
Being carried in the Baby Bjorn.

At two months old you don’t love…
You car seat.
Being put down when it’s not your idea.
2 months old 041

2 months old 046   2 months old 045
I don’t want to forget…
How fun it is to have people ooooh and ahhh over you.
How I love telling people that you’re only 5/6/7 weeks old.
How fun it is to pick out your clothes and dress you each day!
Your sassy, Blionce, face!
Your open mouth, crinkle nosed smiles.
Your booty-out stretches.
Our “conversations”….when you look at me so deeply.

2 months old 047

Oh, how we love having you around! Your personality already adds so much to our family and you make us all smile 100 times a day. We are so proud to call you ours, Bliss Priss.
I love you, sweet Sister Girl,
2 months old 049   2 months old 051

2 months old:

Quinn Davis

Nash Baylor

Bliss Mabry


11 lbs.14 oz. (75%)

14 lbs.15 oz.(100%)

11 lbs. 3 oz. (47%)


23.5 in. (75%)

23.3 in. (75%)

21.75 in. (18%)


15.8 (75%)

15.7 (50-75%)

15.24 (64%)


5 weeks

5 weeks

2 weeks

Copy of 2 months 0432months015_thumb12 months old 039

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