Saturday, October 12, 2013


This boy is breaking the Tooth Fairy’s bank! After school on September 10th, he decided it was finally time to pull the crazy, wiggly one up top! Third tooth gone!!!…9.26.13 014

9.26.13 015  9.26.13 017
He couldn’t wait for Daddy and Nash to get home so he could surprise them with his news…9.26.13 018

9.26.13 021  9.26.13 022
Swimming was even more fun with one less tooth…and water sprayed out of that gap even further than before!!!…
9.26.13 023  9.26.13 028
Then, on the evening of September 22nd, the first day of fall, he went upstairs and pulled ANOTHER!!! All by himself…with his little brother looking on! Nash was the one who came downstairs to share the news!!! We couldn’t believe how cute our missing toothed boy was!!!! 9.26.13 037
I’m hoping it stays bare until Christmas…and, if it does, he has a song to learn!!!
9.26.13 038  9.26.13 035

I must say I’m glad these two are gone! If you don’t remember, these are the ones that caused a little dentist drama!

Loose Tooth
(by: Crystal Bowman)

My tooth came loose
the other day.
It happened while I was at play.

I wiggled it
With all my might,
Back and forth,
Left and right.

Then all of a sudden,
Out it came.
A little blood,
A little pain.

And now I have a little hole,
It's where my tongue
Just seems to go.

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