Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tummy Baby:5…6…skip a few…9!

Sweet, sweet Tummy Baby,
It’s still a bit hard for me to believe that you’re real…and growing!!! But, my current exhaustion and 8:00 bedtime quickly remind me…That and my nausea and weird cravings!!! But, I can’t complain, sweet one! You’ve been easier on me than your precious big brothers! I have my moments of “yuck,” but I rarely feel awful! Thank you for that!

I think about you often!!! I pray for you daily!!! I’m so excited that I’m your Momma!!! And, these sweet big brothers of yours love you already! They often talk about if you’re a boy or a girl…Quinn wants a sister! Nash wants a brother! …Until we talk about how he’ll have to share all of his toys…then he wants a brother! :)

My funniest cravings have been this AMAZING salad at “The Salad Bowl” down the street!!! I’ve had it a BUNCH! Whataburger Spicy Ketchup has surely been in my dreams…and sweet tea! MMMM mmmm!
 Iphone 9.26.13 025  Iphone 9.26.13 051
And, here you are…growing away…already giving this Momma a little bump…with your proud Big Brothers always near by! Nash always tells people that he’s a Big Brother! I love how these boys love you! You’re blessed and you don’t even know it yet! I can’t wait to tell you!!!…

You are loved, sweet Tummy Baby,
Your Mommy!

5 weeks {our little sweet pea}FIRST GRADE and more 017

FIRST GRADE and more 039  FIRST GRADE and more 040

PEA Week 6 002 
6 weeks…on the way to your first Ranger game…
PEA Week 6 009  PEA Week 6 010

PEA Week 6 006

We loved seeing your beautiful heartbeat and your first picture at 7 weeks…Iphone 9.26.13 056

Iphone 9.26.13 060
9 weeks…{our glorious grape}…9.26.13 048

9.26.13 043

And, here’s your first song! You’ll have a lot because that’s how we like to do things around here! But, I love this one! It makes me cry…

And, here are some other fun Tummy Baby happenings…
Iphone 9.26.13 039  Iphone 9.26.13 040

Iphone 9.26.13 043
  Iphone 9.26.13 073

Iphone 9.26.13 117


Slickpaw said...

I pray everyday too! Slickpaw

Jill said...

I spy two sweet boys ready for Awana.

Hayley said...

Cannot wait to share this journey with you through your blog :-)

The Dubs said...

Just so you know. I'm 22 weeks pregnant with my third girl. My cravings have been salad, fruits and veggies, and....Whataburger SPICY ketchup!!!! Just sayin'....