Tuesday, August 20, 2013

“The water doesn't know how old you are.” ― Dara Torres

Despite algae, and black water, and green water, and yellow spots and more algae, we have truly enjoyed having a pool for the first time this Summer! {especially after we broke down and hired a pool guy!} I never imagined that our family would have a pool…and, it seriously is still a little surreal to me that we get to walk outside and hop in the pool! It’s hilarious to me that the first summer I’ve ever had a pool was surely the coolest summer in the history of Texas…but, we have had PLENTY of warm days to enjoy it…and many more to come! We love that we got to share it with so many people this summer. Take a look…
{The sweet Penuel Family came over for Annabel’s first swim…}
PenuelFam 006  PenuelFam 005 

PenuelFam 012

PenuelFam 020

{Grandparents took advantage…}
Nash's Bday SPaw's Camera 003

Iphone 8.18.13 003
{Q’s best buddy for school came over…}7.24.13 026
{The Rodgers came over lots…and we loved it…}
7.14 Iphone 126
{The trampoline and pool was super fun with the Huffman fam…}
#3!!! 081{And, we had over 100 people over for a youth group party…crazy fun…}#3!!! 085  #3!!! 091
{We were SUPER excited that the Ross Fam came to swim with us…}Ross fam 004

Ross fam 007And, of course we had TONS of PoeFam time in the pool. I spent hours in the pool and on our patio enjoying our beautiful view and my beautiful boys! Relaxing as I watched them splash and jump and dive quickly became one of my happy places! And, swimming does have a way of making you feel like a kid again…handstand and flips just never get old. 7.14 Iphone 018

7.14 Iphone 123
Of course, Daddy was their favorite swimming buddy! He was the MOST fun and could throw them the highest!
Iphone 8.18.13 001

iphone 7.27 054

iphone 7.27 003
What a blessing…what fun…and, I look forward to many memories to come with family and friends in our pool!

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