Tuesday, August 20, 2013

MY Lemonade Kings!

When we were having all of the youth group over for a swim party, I thought it would be SO fun for the boys to have a Lemonade Stand. And, when I mentioned the idea of giving the earnings to our Compassion International child, Metulkumar, the boys were all over it! They wanted to get right to work…naming the stand, decorating and more. (Makes this Momma SUPER proud!!)

So, on Sunday morning, Quinn came to theBOX and made the announcement to the youth group to ask them to bring their “dollars and quarters!”  And, on Sunday evening, I was blown away by the amount that remembered. The boys were BUSY and ran out of lemonade quickly! They fought over who got to collect the money and pour the lemonade. (Had to applause their eager attitudes!)  It was such a precious thing to watch them serve and see their excitement for the money coming in for Metulkumar! When it was all said and done, they earned $49.90! WOW!!! So proud and thankful for the hearts of these boys AND our precious Vine Students for making my boy’s day!
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Sha'Wakanee said...

Where did you get your cute lemonade stand from? Also please tell me what camera and lens you use. Pretty PLEEASEE!!!