Wednesday, August 21, 2013


It’s real!!! I’m PREGNANT! Only 5 weeks and 1 day (according to my calculations)…but, it’s true! We’re so excited!!! So thankful! It all started last Tuesday morning (August 13, 2013)…I felt a little yuck and my English Muffin had NO taste! Blech. So, when Matt left for work, I sent the boys upstairs to play and locked myself in my bathroom. I had a test left from last month…but, this was what I saw…
pregnantWas it a plus?! I could see it…but BARELY!

In spite of my doubt, my hopes were up! I {might} be pregnant and I couldn’t believe it!!!

So, after a trip to the store (details below), I came home, and saw this…


Then THIS!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I had a good cry and then wrote what you see below…

{written within an hour of finding out our amazing news!}
There is nothing to compare with how I’m feeling in this very moment!

And, because I plan that this will be the last time I experience this feeling, I have to stop and capture it!

So…with hands shaking…


OH MY GOODNESS! I can’t believe it!

I felt yucky last night and the fact that my breakfast had NO taste made me think it could be true. A few hours after Matt left work, I couldn’t stand it any more! I had a test left over from last month (our first month of trying) and, even though it was still a little to early to take a test, I swear it was YELLING at me from the bathroom cabinet to come and see!

So, I did. Hands shaking…heart pounding! And, up came the plus sign. But, so barely that it was hard to believe! I went back and looked at it a dozen times. The plus sign was definitely there, but you almost had to squint. Was it true? I cried at the thought but wouldn’t really let myself believe it.

The boys and I went to Subway…and to the store! I bought another package of tests…the digital kind this time…and some cute passies! {Can you blame me!?}

After we got home, the boys went to their rooms to rest, and I knew I had to take one. I told myself to wait until the morning, but I just couldn’t! (Plus, there are two in the package!) So, I went in my room…locked the door…and felt like I might pass out or throw up for the excitement. I nervously took the test and waited. I’m sure that the hour glass on the test blinked 1,000 times.  But, after the longest 2-3 minutes of my  life, it said “PREGNANT!” I prayed and cried and praised God for how easy it was…and how perfect His timing!

So…today…August 13, 2003…I’m a Mommy again! I have my precious 3rd baby growing inside of me as type these words!

And, so far, I’m the ONLY one who knows it!

A whole day of waiting JUST might have almost killed me! It took EVERYTHING in me to not call someone!!! But, I waited and kept my little secret. But, the crazy thing was, we were headed to a Ranger game on Tuesday night with friends. So, I had a small window to tell Matt before we had to head out the door. I set up everything in the living room to tell him…my pictures I had taken…the video camera set up to video his reaction! I couldn’t wait.

But, as the afternoon turned to evening, Matt’s “come home time” kept getting pushed back. And, before I knew it, he had called our friends and told them to come on over to our house to save some time! AHHHHHH! So, I moved my set up to our bedroom and waited some more!

As soon as he finally got home, I couldn’t wait to show him the pictures, but it truly couldn’t have been at a worse time. We were scrambling to get the boys ready in their Rangers gear and Matt was trying to change clothes. I asked him a few times to come and look at the pics I had taken, but he completely ignored me! ha. After our friends got here, I felt more urgent to tell him (I COULD NOT wait until AFTER the Ranger game!). Finally, I told him he HAD to stop and come and look at the pictures…and, after a few “annoyed” words, he reluctantly came over to my computer to look! CRACK. ME. UP!!!! It didn't take him long to figure it out…and he was SUPER excited! ***The video is obviously hilarious!***

My babies.

Then, with such fresh and exciting news, we hopped in the car with our friends for the Ranger game! Funny thing, we got half way there and turned around due to the CRAZY storms! When we came back to our house to eat, we HAD to share our news! They were OBVSIOULY excited!!! And, we were still in a little shock!! SOOOO crazy!

That night, we facetimed/texted the pics to the grandparents and Matt’s sister!…TOO FUN! Everyone was so surprised and over the moon!
Iphone 8.18.13 065

The next few days were SUPER fun! Texting and calling our close friends! I’d first text the two pics of our boys with the caption, “look at my sweet babies!” Within moments, most would text back an obligatory compliment about them and I’d send the third picture! It made me laugh so hard to think about what was going on in their minds. I’m sure it was so strange to them that I’d be texting pics of my boys when they see pics of them everyday on Instagram and Facebook! But, it didn’t take long for it to “click” once they saw the third! So fun!!!

And, on Friday, we finally shared the news with our boys! It’s funny that 3 days felt SO long for them to not know! When they woke up, we had a fun breakfast ready for them…
Baby news!!! 001  Baby news!!! 002Baby news!!! 003  Baby news!!! 005

Baby and more! 002
And, after totally playing up the baby thing, we finally told them. You can see in the video that Q was in disbelief!!!…

After we told him that the baby would come soon after his 7th birthday, he informed me that we needed to make a calendar and start crossing off the days until April. Then, if April came and the baby really was born, he’d look back at today and know I was telling him the truth! Mercy!
Baby and more! 003  Baby and more! 004

Baby and more! 005 
Baby and more! 007
After a donut breakfast, we came outside to enjoy the cool, rainy morning, Within minutes, Quinn came up to me and said, “I need you to rub your belly! The baby can feel that, so I need you to do it!” Sweet boy! Baby and more! 009
Baby and more! 010
The rest of Friday, Matt took the boys to run some errands so that I could get some things done around the house. And, they were SO proud of the gifts they picked out for the baby! Baby and more! 017It was a great weekend! Celebrating with the boys and talking about the baby!…and sharing our fun news with more and more people! And, on Sunday, we shared the news with our youth group! Lots of excitement there!!! Matt told them that I had helped design the new shirt for the Fall!…Baby and more! 019
Baby and more! 023The cutest thing was that Nash couldn’t keep it a secret in his Sunday School class. Thankfully, I had already told my friend that was helping out in Worship Care…but others didn’t know! So cute that he was proud! I got this text during church!

Iphone 8.18.13 088 I’d say he’s proud! We dug these jammies out of storage and he wants to wear them EVERY night!
Iphone 8.18.13 076Needless to say, we’re SUPER excited!!! I seriously can’t seem to believe it! So, please pray for us as our sweet #3 grows and grows. We go to the doctor to take his/her first picture the first week in September! But, until them, I’m going to enjoy this “I don’t feel bad yet” part of pregnancy!


Miranda said...

LOVE this post and I LOVE your excitement! I'm super excited too, and it's not even ME that's pregnant! Praying for lots of blessings for your sweet family! yay! Congratulations!

Amberdawn said...
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Carroll said...

So happy for you!! Congratulations! :)

Hayley said...

Such awesome amazing news!

Hayley said...

Such awesome amazing news!

allyo said...

I LOVE this post...I laughed and cried throughout the whole thing. You are such a fun and creative mommy! I love how you shared with your family and how you told the boys. So sweet. Praying for you and your growing family!

ThePoeFam said...

Thanks Mavy!! Love you!

ThePoeFam said...

Thanks Mavy!! Love you!