Tuesday, August 20, 2013

10 Years of TGTBT!!!

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TEN YEARS!!! I can’t believe it…and, then again, I can! Sort of it’s hard to believe that it was only ten years ago that I said “I do” to my TGTBT….in a good way, of course!

Thanks to some precious people, we had our ENTIRE anniversary to spend together. So, we left in the morning on August 2nd and had a wonderful day shopping, lunching, opening gifts, swimming at our fun hotel and relaxing. We got ready and then went out for a super yum dinner at Kirby’s Wood Fire. Mmmmmm! It really was an amazing day with the man that made me a Mrs.! It’s easy to say that I love him 10x more today than I did 10 years ago! I’m one blessed girl, for sure!
10th Anniversary 001  10th Anniversary 002

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  10th Anniversary 006

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And, when we got home on Saturday, we were greeted with this precious gift that Stacy and Ben made with the boys! What a darling keepsake!
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