Tuesday, August 27, 2013

“It was nice growing up with someone like you - someone to lean on, someone to count on... someone to tell on!” ~Author Unknown

These two have been my biggest blessing –and biggest nuisance- this Summer! It really has been amazing to watch them be BROTHERS! Inseparable, best buddies, precious playmates…and, in the next moment, pestering the fire out of each other! I’m baffled by the whole thing, honestly!

They’ve swum, built with legos, eaten snowcones, watched shows, danced, played dress-up, made 1,000 messes in their playroom (and cleaned it up, too), rested, shared blankets, dined on dozens of popsicles, read stories, imagined, played games, traveled, hosted playdates, taken baths, gone to movies, played soccer, cuddled, jumped on the trampoline, played with waterguns, hunted and cared for bugs, made money at a little photo shoot, ridden scooters, found out they would BOTH be big brothers and rarely, if ever, left one another’s sides!

Despite dozens of arguments {that I guess are bound to happen when you’re together so much}, I know that this Summer has brought them to an even more precious place as BROTHERS! Today is only the first day of Quinn going to First Grade and Nash had asked 3 times before lunch if we could go and get him! He misses him already!!! I’m so very thankful for their relationship…and that I get the privilege of having a front row seat! Prom 003

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The Rodriguez Crew said...

This made me teary! It truly is an amazing bond, and I feel like all boys need a brother, and I'm thankful ours got one!! Jagger is my NON affectionate one, but there is ONE person in this world he cuddles like crazy and that is his brother. :)

Miranda said...

So precious! :) There is a special relationship between siblings, for sure. I LOVE watching my kids interact.. they're definitely best buddies. Makes my heart smile! :)