Wednesday, August 28, 2013

First Grade, At LAST!

FIRST GRADE and more 174
I really can’t believe it! It was only 7 years ago that I was teaching MY 5th year of First Grade. If you would have told me to imagine my tiny baby as a First Grader, I would have looked at you like you were crazy. And, in a blink, here we are!!! My baby is in MY grade! My favorite age!!!

And, in true Quinn fashion, he had a GREAT day! After a yummy breakfast (of his choice of Chocolate Lucky Charms that he’s been BEGGING for all summer) and an obligatory photo shoot, ThePoeFam went together to take our big First Grader to school. We walked in, knowing exactly where to go and with NO fear! I have to admit that I was thankful, in that moment, that Kindergarten was last year!
He was excited to walk into his classroom and get to work on the art project in front of him! Mommy decided to be brave, too. I took a few pics, watched as Nash gave his Bubba lots and lots of hugs and “I love yous” and walked out of the room like a big girl! My first grader was going to be just fine!

Momma on the other hand felt no different than last year! My heart felt broken ALL day and I prayed for Q constantly…that he would find new friends, that his teacher would make him feel comfortable, that he would spread the love of Jesus to all of those around him and more!

Nash and I tried to stay busy at home and couldn’t wait to go and pick Quinn up. Nash asked 3 or 4 times if it was time to go and get Quinn yet. I love how he missed him. And, when it was finally time, we eagerly got in the car and picked up our happy boy! How we love him and loved hearing the little bits he would tell us about his day! {He made a new friend, he has to raise his hand all of the time now and he got a new PE teacher…then he told me that’s all he wants to tell me for now!} I can’t wait for him to learn and grow and have a blast as a FIRST GRADER!

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Excitedly in line to pick up Bubba…
Our annual after school treat…he did inform me that I probably gave “Tummy Baby” a TINY brain freeze! ;)….
first day ice cream
Here’s a little first day of school interview:

What was your favorite part of your day at school?
Pretty much Recess.

What was your least favorite part about your day?
Sitting on the carpet talking about new rules at school…now we have to raise our hands and all that stuff.

Did you learn anything at school? 
I think I might of but I forgot if I did!

What did you eat?      
Minion cookies, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, I didn’t really eat many of my teddy bears, grapes, Pringles sticks (I love Pringles), a Danimals Grape Yogurt Smoothie

Did you make any new friends?
Yes, Tyler.

Did you like your teacher? 
Yes because she’s nice and she gives us fun stuff to do.
Did you have fun at school?
Yes I did sometimes…like coloring myself and reading the School Bus book on the carpet and recess, of course.

Do you want to go back to school another day?
Yes, so I can see Garrett again and maybe I’ll get to play with Tyler.

{And, a flashback…}     

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