Monday, July 15, 2013

Facing Fear…Trusting God!!!

VBS part 2 058

VBS week has become one that I continue to look forward to each year. And, the Colossal Coaster World theme was one that we were all pretty excited about! Since I volunteered again this year, both my my sweet boys were able to attend. Quinn was with the “big kids” and Nash with the littles. Everything about the week was precious…and, I always love the music my boys put to memory SO quickly! The truths that those songs tell are priceless…along with the scriptures that are memorized and stories that are told. It’s such a great week that is building an amazing spiritual foundation for so many!

VBS part 2 007
Abilene and VBS Day 1 074  VBS part 2 010
{Nash’s best buddy, Christopher…)
VBS part 2 051

VBS part 2 052

{I caught my big boy praying during the opening ceremony…}
VBS part 2 053
{and peeking…}
VBS part 2 054
{Q was so excited to bring his buddy, Dane, with him this year…}
VBS part 2 056  VBS part 2 060
{One of the highlights of each morning was seeing if boys or girls won the offering weigh-in! From the audience, you can see that the boys were the final victors. I had one happy guy!!!…}
VBS part 2 071
{Our first grade crafts team…so fun…}
VBS part 2 075
{On Friday night, we came back for the program and carnival. There’s something about watching my boy sing praises to Jesus. Melts me, for sure…}
7.14 Iphone 112
{Time to party…carnival games, face paint and rides…I love this part of our VBS! Such a celebration!…}
VBS part 2 084  VBS part 2 088VBS part 2 089  VBS part 2 094

VBS part 2 098

VBS part 2 100
  VBS part 2 105
{The finale of our time there was the BIG ride. I had two nervous little guys…but they wanted to do it! I LOVE these pics…even though I was a complete wreck while they rode. I was so scared that one of them was going to be sick! I don’t think I have the most daring little guys in the world!…But, there were SO proud and excited that they had done it!!!)
VBS part 2 111

VBS part 2 112

VBS part 2 113

VBS part 2 114

VBS part 2 116

VBS part 2 118

VBS part 2 122
  VBS part 2 125
{Celebrating how AWESOME it was…}
VBS part 2 123
{So thankful to have participated in this precious week with my dudes this week!…}
VBS part 2 130

And, about a week later, Nash was a little fearful of something! Within moments, Quinn ran to the drawer to grab a pencil and paper…found a quiet spot and wrote this for him. It was his key verse from VBS…and, it truly humbled me that he thought to encourage his baby brother with God’s Truth! Once again, I am so very thankful for the truths that VBS teaches our little ones and the eternal impact it makes! WOW! 7.14 Iphone 144


Carroll said...

What a great week! Quinn's writing scripture for his brother is the sweetest :) Wish I was so quick to recall God's Word when I'm stressed!

Unknown said...

What an awesome week indeed! I am so impressed with the way you taught your kids about faith. You really did a great job! Your kids are amazing and I just know that they will have a bright and incredible future ahead of them.

amy said...

#1--I love that you were on the crafts team with Fauchier. I bet y'all laughed a lot.

#2-The boys' faces on that ride are priceless.

#3-Be still my heart! Quinn's encouragement to Nash is amazing. Love it.

Unknown said...

I am catching up, but I sooooo loved teaching with you again this year! I loved too our late night dinner at Taco Bueno and we simply must do it again bc it was too much fun and my children adore your boys. We can start working on that arranged marriage ;-). Ps next year warn me per picture day so I can prepare