Sunday, June 09, 2013

Goodbye Kindergarten!!!

Q DID IT!!! He officially finished Kindergarten and it’s OFFICIALLY SUMMERTIME!!! I’ve never been MORE excited for that to be true! It even beats my teaching days! I’m SOOO excited to have a break from getting up early, getting a little boy ready, homework and making lunches! And, I’m BEYOND ECSTATIC to have us all together for the summer! Words can’t describe how PROUD I am of this precious 6 year old. I’m blown away at how far he has come and how much he has grown! {post to come!} I really could have never dreamed it and am so happy to say that we all survived our first year of BIG BOY SCHOOL!!! One school year down…12 more to go! Please, Jesus, don’t let them all go by too fast!

Here he is on the last morning of Kindergarten…”Last bay of Kinder!” Maybe we need to do a little “B” and “D” practice this Summer! ;) …
Swim Lessons & Last Day of School 033
His little bro had to join in on the photo shoot…and, had to grab his backpack too!…
Swim Lessons & Last Day of School 035  Swim Lessons & Last Day of School 038
Isn’t he beautiful! So proud to say that this {now} First Grader is MINE!…
Swim Lessons & Last Day of School 041
At 12:15, Matt and I went to pick up our big boy for the last time this year. Seeing him wave at me in the “car rider line” was one of the highlights of my days this year. So precious to see how excited he was to see me pull up to get him each day. May that never change!
Swim Lessons & Last Day of School 062  Swim Lessons & Last Day of School 065
And, when he got home, it was time for a little “Hello Summer” Party…wooooo hooooo…
Swim Lessons & Last Day of School 066  Swim Lessons & Last Day of School 071

Swim Lessons & Last Day of School 073

Swim Lessons & Last Day of School 076

Swim Lessons & Last Day of School 077

Swim Lessons & Last Day of School 078
  Swim Lessons & Last Day of School 081
Then, since Mammer and Slickpaw were in town, Matt, Q and I got all dressed up to head out on a celebratory date to honor our big Kindergarten Grad. It’s a tradition we plan on doing with all of our kids and we were so excited to start!
Swim Lessons & Last Day of School 088

Swim Lessons & Last Day of School 091

It started with a trip to Toys R Us to get a little sussy…

Then, Q got to choose dinner! OF COURSE, he chose McDonald’s! He ALWAYS does! So, we spiced it up a little and went to the one in Downtown Dallas! He thought it was cool! iphone 6.9.13 111  iphone 6.9.13 112
Last, we were SUPER excited to surprise Quinn with a special treat for dessert. Like every child, he’s mesmerized by “the ball” every time we drive past it. So, he couldn’t believe it when we told him that we were actually going to go IN IT! We were advised not to eat there for dinner…since it’s pricy and not super kid friendly. But, having dessert at Five Sixty was the PERFECT choice! They gave him SUCH special treatment and Quinn soaked in EVERY thing about the experience!! Every hostess and waiter we had contact with told him Congratulations on his graduation! So SWEET! He loved the views and the dessert and his fun drink! And, we ALL loved spending time together…just the three of us! It really was a priceless time that I don't think any of us will soon forget!
iphone 6.9.13 113  iphone 6.9.13 129

iphone 6.9.13 115

iphone 6.9.13 116  iphone 6.9.13 118

iphone 6.9.13 119iphone 6.9.13 120

iphone 6.9.13 121

iphone 6.9.13 123

iphone 6.9.13 125
  iphone 6.9.13 122

iphone 6.9.13 127
  iphone 6.9.13 128
Goodbye Kindergarten!!! HELLO SUMMERTIME!!! We’re so glad you’re here!
iphone 6.9.13 110


Alli said...

I love that tradition! Maybe something the hubs and I need to plan on doing with our kids. Such a precious, precious time and such a wonderful accomplishment to celebrate! Congrats Q on graduating!

Jill said...

Love guys are so fun!!