Wednesday, June 12, 2013

ThePoeFam's Summer Schedule 2013

It's Summertime! And, I must admit that, as excited as I was for it to begin, I knew I had to be strategic! My boys can be the BEST OF FRIENDS in one second...and NOT SO MUCH the best of friends in the next. So, I made us a schedule. I thought I'd share to hopefully give you some Summer Fun ideas. Obviously, some of these are my ideas and some came from great resources. But, ALL of them are sure to help make our Summer successful, non-stressful and FUN!

Here's our Schedule:
Mondays: Splash Park Tour & Review Sheet
Tuesdays: Summer Movie Club & Lunch Bunch
Wednesdays: Church Book Club & Public Library
Thursdays: CHILL at home & Super Servers/Summer Fun Checklist
Fridays: Daddy's Day Off!

It's nothing fancy, but it gives us something to do when we need it. Here are some details about each thing...
Mondays: Splash Park Tour:
I did some research (a.k.a. asked my Facebook Friends) and compiled a list of fun Splash Parks in the area. Some of them are fancy...some of them are not. Then, each Monday, we'll travel to that park with some of our favorite friends and play, play, play. That afternoon, Quinn will fill out a little sheet about the park. At the end of the Summer, he'll be able to rank the parks and choose his favorite/least favorite.

Our local Harkins Theatre has an awesome Summer Movie Club deal for RIDICULOUSLY cheap. I know Cinemark does the same thing. So, when we're in town, we can see a previously released movie for 50 cents! Can't beat that!... Then, after that, we'll head to church to hang with Daddy and the youth group for Lunch Bunch!

Wednesdays: Our church is having a Summer Book Club. There are many options but I chose to participate in The Hiding Place. I can't wait to get started. Then, we're going to make that our day to visit our local library! Most libraries have SO many great things in the, check yours out!...Below you'll see my boys carrying their awesome new Library Bags from Stuck On You! They're precious and so proud to carry them to the library!

Thursdays: This is the day that we'll tackle some of the fun things on our Summer Fun List, play video games, watch shows, swim or stay in our jammies. It's also the day that we want to focus on doing our weekly Super Server task! (Super Servers is an awesome group that reminds us and our children to focus on others. For more info, here is the Facebook page!)

And, below are links to other items that we are using this Summer or supplies that I'm using for the ideas listed above.

*These Q&A journals are SO fun! It gives a prompt a day and a few lines to answer. Q is really enjoying this and I know it's something I'm going to look back on and smile! It's fun for me too!!!
Here's a peek at his from today...Talk about conviction. This was almost two years ago that he "accidentally stole a Jibbitz!" Bless his heart!

*These Read-Aloud Bible Story Books are AMAZING! The pictures are so bold and colorful and I love the way they retell some of our favorite Bible Stories. They were written in the 70's, but are timeless! We're going to be spending a lot of time reading and discussing these this Summer!

*Summer Bridge is a great workbook to avoid the "Summer Slide!"...

*I found this series and have gotten them for Q this Summer. It is about a group of Christian friends. Super cute and easy reads!...

*I decided I wanted to take some time in the Summers to read aloud some of my favorite childhood books. I know Q and Nash are going to eat these up...
*Here are the products I'm using for our Snowcone Reviews (I'll do a separate post on this SOON! You're going to love it!)...

*We just finished filling out his Kindergarten pages in this. It's a great and simple little keepsake!!!...

So, HAPPY {productive, fun and non-stressful} SUMMER TO YOU!!!

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