Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wrapping Up Kindergarten

I can’t believe that in 2 days I’ll have a Kindergarten graduate, and, after just 7 more days of school, I’ll have an official FIRST GRADER! Where did the year go? So, before I get all misty eyed, I thought I’d share some of the recent events that are happily wrapping up Quinn’s Kindergarten year.

On Wednesday, May 8th, Quinn proudly accepted his ribbon for completing another year of Awanas! This year, he became a Sparky and finished his entire first book! That means he memorized LOTS of scriptures (not always short and simple ones) and all of the books of the New Testament! We are so thankful that he already values hiding God’s word in his heart.   Mother's Day and more 001

Mother's Day and more 006  Mother's Day and more 007Mother's Day and more 010  Mother's Day and more 011
During that same week, we honored Mrs. Bates by celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week. Q took fun gifts every day and ended the week with this book that we made from the class. We are truly thankful for her and all of her hard work this year.   
Mother's Day and more 017  Mother's Day and more 018
While I was at school for Muffins with Mom, I got to hang around for the Friday Assembly time and then back to the classroom for a bit. I loved snapping a pic of Q with his best school buddy, Garrett, and also taking his pic as he did his morning work at his desk!
Mother's Day and more 030

Mother's Day and more 034

I also got to ooooh and ahhh over the bulletin board in the hallway. Mrs. Bates chose to spotlight Quinn’s writing as the most improved this year! It’s amazing to see how far he’s come in EVERY way this year! I really am so very proud!
Mother's Day and more 037

Mother's Day and more 038

Mother's Day and more 039

Mother's Day and more 040

Then, on Friday the 17th, the whole PoeFam got to attend Quinn’s very first FIELD DAY! Is there really anything better than Field Day when you’re a Kindergartener? We had a great time watching Q and his buddies play and spash!!! mid May 008

mid May 013
 mid May 015 mid May 016

mid May 018

Of course, I had to snap a few pics of the tag-a-long little brother with his big, Kindergarten brother. It’s so obvious that Nash COULD NOT BE any more proud of Quinn. And, preciously enough, Quinn reciprocates the feelings…even in front of his classmates. He really is a dream big brother!
mid May 020  mid May 022

mid May 024

mid May 032

mid May 036

mid May 040
  mid May 047

mid May 046

mid May 048

mid May 051
  mid May 043

mid May 055

mid May 058

We’ve had a great year…and, it’s not over yet! Lots of Kindergarten Celebrations to come!!!


Unknown said...

Seems like your kids had lots of fun .:)

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The Links said...

All these pictures kind of make me miss teaching Kindergarten!!!