Friday, May 24, 2013

Nash’s Last Day {Of His First Year} Of Preschool

My baby did it! He finished his first year of Preschool!!! I never would have dreamed that I would put my 2 year old in school, but it ended up being the BEST decision!!! Not only did it give Mommy a much needed sanity break, but Nash TOTALLY thrived! He LOVED school and his precious teachers! He made lots of sweet friends and learned a lot too! It’s obvious to say that he grew up so much during these 8 1/2 months of school…and, I love that he goes to school where his Daddy works!…definitely helps ease this Momma’s heart!

So, for now, we’ll say “HELLO” to Summer and welcome the break!!! …but, I have no doubt that he’ll be anxious to go back to school in the Fall!
Nash's Last Day of School 002

Nash's Last Day of School 004

Nash's Last Day of School 008

Nash's Last Day of School 009

Nash's Last Day of School 012

Nash's Last Day of School 019



Jill said...

So stinking cute!

The Links said...

I'm so glad to hear he did well in preschool. I am putting our son in 2 day preschool next year too and he is just turning two in June. I never dreamed I would put him in preschool this early either, especially since I was a Kindergarten teacher. But I just think it will be best for him. I hope he thrives and does well like your little Nash did!!!

Unknown said...

So cute..:)

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