Monday, August 13, 2012

Quinn’s “Silver Surfer” Tooth

Bless Quinn’s teeth! He has had the WORST luck! First, it was a mouth full of cavities…then, when he went to get them fixed, the anesthesia didn’t work…

And, when we went back 6 months later, he had MORE cavities AND a chipped back tooth! Mercy. So, with some anxiousness from this Momma, today was the day!

His dentist had a plan for a new anesthesia…and, she was hopeful that it would work!
Thankfully, it did…and, my glass-half-full little guy never worried a second about it. Before, he was a doll…hanging out in the Swaggon! …And, when we went back to see him after the procedure (over an hour later), he was happy and bouncing around…picking out his stickers and sussies! The nurses were shocked at how ‘not sleepy’ he was! He’s a conundrum, for sure!

After leaving the office, we headed to Sonic to get a liquid “breakfast” and then to Target to pick out his brave boy sussy! Now that the numbness is gone, he’s hilariously proud of his “Silver Surfer” tooth! What a mess!!! Here’s to HAPPY dentist reports from here on out…before he breaks the bank!!
before  after

Dentist Day 007

Dentist Day 008

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