Friday, August 31, 2012

Quinn’s First Day of Kindergarten

We did it!!! Mommy Quinn survived the very first day of Kindergarten! It’s really hard to believe I’m at this point…the Momma of a boy in “Big Boy School!”

And, {because why wouldn’t we}…we had a little Kindergarten Breakfast Party before school began! I just love celebrating everything!
Quinn's First Day of Kindergarten 049

Quinn's First Day of Kindergarten 050  Quinn's First Day of Kindergarten 051

Quinn's First Day of Kindergarten 054

While the boys were dining, I packed Quinn’s first Kindergarten lunch…
Quinn's First Day of Kindergarten 058
Then, we quickly got ready so that we could have a little photo shoot before school.
Quinn's First Day of Kindergarten 062 - Copy
My big boy  looked so very handsome in his new Vans and his “button shirt!” He was a little disappointed that a “button shirt” had to make an appearance on the first day, but he knew how handsome he looked.
Quinn's First Day of Kindergarten 064

Quinn's First Day of Kindergarten 074
I was a nervous wreck on the way to school. We listened to music requested by the boys to lighten the mood. When we arrived, it was time for a few more pictures with our BIG KINDERGARTNER. This whole event seemed so surreal to me…it’s truly hard to believe that this day has come.
Quinn's First Day of Kindergarten 077  Quinn's First Day of Kindergarten 080
As Nash and I walked behind Matt and Q, the past years flashed before my eyes. One scene in particular was watching my first two loves do this exact same thing as we walked 3 year old Quinn into his first year of preschool as I pushed a just 2 month old Nash in the stroller behind them. How it seems like yesterday!
Quinn's First Day of Kindergarten 084
The best part of the whole thing, was my Quinn’s excitement!…not an ounce of nerves! And, for that I was SO very thankful! …

But, long story short…when we reached his classroom, I thought we were in the wrong place. The room looked different and we didn’t see Quinn’s teacher. Crazy enough, the teacher we met on Meet the Teacher was no longer going to be Quinn’s teacher because she took a job in her neighborhood school. (insert inner FREAK OUT!) Sadly, the principal had called and left a message on Monday, but I never heard it! (I HAVE to get better about checking my voicemail!)

But, no worries for my glass-half-full guy…he seemed fine. (except for a sneeze that he held in that Matt and I BOTH thought were tears welling up! Gracious. I don’t think he’s ever held in a sneeze!)

So, our sweet new teacher offered to take our family picture and we gave LOTS and LOTS of hugs and kisses before we walked out the door. As we left, we promised Mrs. Bates that we wouldn’t be this crazy again…and she laughed and understood!
Quinn's First Day of Kindergarten 087

Quinn's First Day of Kindergarten 089

As we walked down the hall to the Kindergarten meeting in the library, I did fine. At this point, I still didn’t know that a voicemail had been left about our new teacher, so my mind was a bit pre-occupied. (Thankfully!) It was after the meeting when we entered the car that the waterworks began…but, not as badly as I thought they would. Driving away is always the hardest part…seeing the school in the rear-view mirror and knowing that your baby is there ALL day. All I could do was cry…and pray!

When Nash and I got home, we had a great day…playing, having a picnic and watching Sesame Street, building with Legos and more! What a blessing to have him to make me smile. I had my moments as the day went on…and surely the time ticked slower than it ever has before! I thought 2:00 would NEVER come!

But, it did…and waiting for the 45 minutes in the “Car Rider” line felt like Christmas Morning! I couldn’t wait to HUG my sweet love! {And reading while Nash watched a show was a pretty nice unexpected treat too!}

end of the first day 003When it was finally our turn, and we reached the cones next to the sidewalk…and I saw him…I could have melted…and cried…and squealed!!! The boy I thought looked so big as we dropped him off seemed so tiny now! I couldn’t wait to get my hands on him.

But, when the teacher opened my car door and let him in, he immediately started to cry! She said that he was SO excited to see me and started getting worried that I wasn’t coming! (Bless his HEART!) And, as I asked him about his day, and he said it was great…and would share little details…he would often insert, “But, Mommy, I missed you REALLY much!” Other than that, it was all positive (unless you count him saying that it was a really LONG day as a negative…or the boy that took one of his cookies at lunch)! He loved his teacher and his lunch and P.E. and Recess and his new friend, David! My heart was so full that he liked it…but, most of all, that he was back with ME!

So, to celebrate that monumental first day, we picked up Daddy and got “yogurt in the wall!” As the day went on, he would tell us more…and more…and it all seemed good…and, for that, I was so thankful!
end of the first day 004So, CHEERS to Kindergarten! I’m praying for this sweet boy EVERY single day and can’t wait to see the places he goes this year!!!

God bless you and keep you,  God smile on you and gift you, God look you full in the face and make you prosper.
Numbers 6:24-26 (MSG)

Here’s a little first day of school interview:
What was your favorite part of your day at school?
Probably all of it.

What was your least favorite part about your day?
I did not like when that boy took my cookie.

Did you learn anything at school? 
Yes. I learned rules like to not touch anyone unless you need to…like if they get hurt you can help them up.

What did you eat?
a star peanut butter and jelly sandwich, Angry Bird crackers, all of my cheese stick, Squeezy yogurt, and a flavored, colored, water Crayola drink

Did you make any new friends?
Mmm-hmmm, David.

Did you like your teacher? 
Yes because she was nice to me…I just liked her.

Did you have fun at school?
Yes, I did.

Do you want to go back to school another day?
You know that answer. Yes.

And, because I just can’t resist…
first day of school 2010 020_thumb[1]First Day of PreK 2011 071_thumbQuinn's First Day of Kindergarten 064


The Rowe Crew said...

Emerson had almost the EXACT reaction in carpool that first day...the tears, the "long day", "thought you weren't coming to get me", "missed you SO much"! Almost identical. Same for the second day, but great by the third. Did he get better throughout the week!? Still can't believe they're already big enough!!!!

mamastewart79 said...

Cute lunch! Did you make the note that went in it? Where did you get the water? Is it really crayola brand?

ThePoeFam said...

Jessica, He did get SO much better! I think it just all hit him when he saw me! Sweet love!! Glad your Emerson had a great week too!....

MamaStewart, I did make the little note...just printed the little graphic! ... And, the water is from WalMart...and, yes, it is Crayola brand! :) Probably not the healthiest...but cute and he loves it!

Unknown said...

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