Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Nash’s “Pie-yet Eh-Mo Poor-Tee!”

Translation: Nash’s Pirate Elmo Party!!!

For months, when we asked Nash what kind of party he wanted when he turned two, he would say “Eh-mo Poor-ty!” So, an Elmo party it was. And, when we joined the amazing pirate splash park in our neighborhood, we thought it would be fun to throw a little pirate in there as well. Obviously, Matt designed the most perfect invite for our “family party” this year…and, I almost burned our house down trying to make them even more unique! Why can’t I just leave well enough alone?! :)

JUNE! 200Then, on the day after Nash’s real birthday, we celebrated with a few of our closest friends and the grandparents. It was a perfect, fun-filled day with splashing, eating, sliding and celebrating one very loved little 2 year old.
Nash's 2nd Birthday 191

Our big pirate Elmo stole the show…every toddler in the park HAD to come see him…
Nash's 2nd Birthday 183
  Nash's 2nd Birthday 182
A shot of the sandwiches, pasta, amazing cookies (more on that to come, drinks and watermelon. It was a fun, summer’s day spread!
Nash's 2nd Birthday 192

 Nash's 2nd Birthday 194  Nash's 2nd Birthday 196

Nash's 2nd Birthday 198
  Nash's 2nd Birthday 200

Nash's 2nd Birthday 207
 Nash's 2nd Birthday 211 Nash's 2nd Birthday 215

Nash's 2nd Birthday 217
Nash's 2nd Birthday 221
Nash's 2nd Birthday 227

Nash's 2nd Birthday 228
Thankfully, everyone had a BLAST! It really is the perfect spot for a summer birthday party. And, my boy was in heaven having so many of his favorite people around him…including his precious girl, Everley.
Nash's 2nd Birthday 232 Nash's 2nd Birthday 234 Nash's 2nd Birthday 238

Nash's 2nd Birthday 240

Q was also thrilled that two of his best buddies were there to play…
Nash's 2nd Birthday 244
And, it wouldn’t have been the same without our Mock-a-Moly and family!
Nash's 2nd Birthday 246  Nash's 2nd Birthday 250

Nash's 2nd Birthday 252

My Nasher was TOO fun to watch…and so were his buddies…and his grandparents. I loved that everyone was having such a great time!
Nash's 2nd Slickpaw's Camera 100  Nash's 2nd Slickpaw's Camera 105  Nash's 2nd Slickpaw's Camera 102

Nash's 2nd Slickpaw's Camera 107  Nash's 2nd Slickpaw's Camera 110

Nash's 2nd Slickpaw's Camera 113
 Nash's 2nd Birthday 260

Nash's 2nd Birthday 257
  Nash's 2nd Birthday 261

Nash's 2nd Birthday 269

Nash's 2nd Birthday 271  Nash's 2nd Birthday 274

Nash's 2nd Birthday 279
  Nash's 2nd Birthday 282
After lunch, and feeding Everley Cheetos, it was time to sing Happy Birthday and eat those amazing cookies.

Nash's 2nd Slickpaw's Camera 115

Nash's 2nd Slickpaw's Camera 118

Nash's 2nd Slickpaw's Camera 123

Nash's 2nd Slickpaw's Camera 124

Nash's 2nd Birthday 294
  Nash's 2nd Birthday 296Nash's 2nd Birthday 298  Nash's 2nd Birthday 303

Nash's 2nd Birthday 313
  Nash's 2nd Birthday 314

Nash's 2nd Birthday 315

After everyone was sun kissed an exhausted, it was time to call it a day. It was a perfect, sunshiny day celebrating my biggest Elmo fan and favorite two year old!
Nash's 2nd Birthday 305


Capri Thomas said...

My mother is a wedding and party planner in Vegas, sothis says a lot... Nash's birthday looked amazing! What a cute integration of the pirate water park and his favorite Sesame Street Character! You can tell all of the kiddos had a great time, my favorite part was the awesome Cookies, and your husbands awesome design skills on those invitations... I also loved his party rockers shirt. So sweet, great job girl!

Q. August said...

Are you going to tell us more about the cookies??? This was absolutely adorable. I liked the lawn chair spread the most with the balloons suspended.

The Johnson Family 5 said...

Where is this place?? It looks like so much fun!!!

ThePoeFam said...

Capri, THANK YOU for your sweet compliments! It was a simple, fun little get together!

Mamma dn Co,
YES!!! Stay tuned! She'll ship ANYWHERE and she's going to do a giveaway on my blog!! WOOHOOO!

It's in Trophy Club! It would take you about an hour! :(

Kendra said...

I love reading about your sweet family! It inspires me to do the little extra special things to make memories with my own.

The Sharps said...

so sweet!!! love the theme, location and all the sweet smiles. thanks for sharing your family with us