Sunday, July 22, 2012

My Nasher is TWO!!!

On July 6, 2012, my sweet baby love turned TWO! I must say that the two years haven’t really flown…but, goodness me, they’ve been full of memories! So, we couldn’t wait for a whole day to celebrate HIM!

We woke up before he did to set the table for the big day…
Nash's 2nd Birthday 067  Nash's 2nd Birthday 068

Nash's 2nd Birthday 070
And, he was awoken with his family singing Happy Birthday to him…and, an Elmo balloon from Quinn. Then, it was time to escort him to breakfast! Needless to say, he was excited about all of his choices and wanted a bite of each one.
Nash's 2nd Birthday 077  Nash's 2nd Birthday 080

Nash's 2nd Birthday 081
“I TWO!!!”…
Nash's 2nd Birthday 086

Nash's 2nd Birthday 088
Then, it was time for some presents! Since Nana, Pawpaw, Mammer and Slickpaw were all in town, we knew we needed to spread out the opening process. And, why not start with one for Big Brother too. (It’s tough being the sibling on birthdays…so, we tried to ease that a bit by a little sussy for Q!)
Nash's 2nd Birthday 094  Nash's 2nd Birthday 098
After playing for a bit, we all got ready to head to lunch. But, not before our 3rd nose pic. Oh how I love this little stinker pot…
Nash's 2nd Birthday 101Nash's 2nd Birthday 102Nash's 2nd Birthday 104Nash's 2nd Birthday 108Nash's 2nd Birthday 109

Nash's 2nd Birthday 114  Nash's 2nd Birthday 118

Nash's 2nd Birthday 121
  Nash's 2nd Birthday 123
Then, it was time to head to It’z Pizza for an afternoon of fun! Both boys had such an awesome time playing games and earning tickets to spend. What a fun afternoon with so many people that Nash loves!
Nash's 2nd Birthday 125  Nash's 2nd Birthday 127

Nash's 2nd Birthday 129

Nash's 2nd Birthday 134
When we got home, we played a bit before it was time for the next meal. We headed to our favorite little Mexican spot by our house and Nash quickly requested a “taco!” After eating, Nash was surprised with his special birthDAY cake that Mammer always makes. Funny enough, he didn’t want to cut it. But, when we finally convinced him, he wanted “Elmo’s eye!” He thought it was so funny!
Nash's 2nd Birthday 163
Nash's 2nd Birthday 165Nash's 2nd Birthday 167Nash's 2nd Birthday 168Nash's 2nd Birthday 170

Nash's 2nd Birthday 171  Nash's 2nd Birthday 175
When we got home, it was time for a few more presents before bedtime. One of the biggest hits was his MiniKick (“just like Bubba’s) from Mammer and Slickpaw. He couldn’t wait to try it out. He’s too big for his britches, for sure!!!
Nash's 2nd Birthday 180
It was such a perfect day for our favorite two year old! Quinn was so sweet to be super excited for every part of the day for his baby brother…and we all loved celebrating him!!
Happy, Happy Birthday, Sweet Nash Baylor Poe. You are loved!!!


Unknown said...

Hi! I live in the Fort Worth area and was curious where you get those adorable doughnuts for your boys' birthday. Thanks! Love your blog!

jamielblev said...

I would love to know where you got the lego buckets!

ThePoeFam said...

The donut shop is in Allen next to Chuck E Cheese off of McDermott Ave.

The lego buckets are from The Learning Express. :)

Q. August said...

Can you order the lego buckets customized or was that your doing? I think I know the answer to that...You're a creative genius!

ThePoeFam said...

Mamma and Co,
You're so sweet...but, I actually didn't paint it. The Learning Express (a little toy store that I know is all over the Dallas Area) personalizes items for free! :)