Thursday, May 24, 2012

Through the Chain Link Fence {Games 4-6}

The season continued on and my little Teeball star did great. Sure, he played in the dirt more than he played teeball…but, he really seemed to love going to practice and games! We loved cheering on the Royal Bobcats…

Game #4: April 14, 2012…Crawfish 005

Crawfish 009  Crawfish 011Crawfish 018

Game #5: April 21, 2012
First, it was picture time… {excuse the pictures of the pictures} Q was BEYOND excited to get his very own baseball card. And, notice his position…
cardback   cardfront  May 20-21 039

MidEndApril 032

Game #6: May 5, 2012May 1-6 041

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