Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Being Intentional this Summer…

I must admit that having a toddler and moving to a new place has made my intentional and fun activities few and far between. But, since my big boy IS starting Kindergarten in the fall {sniff. sniff.}, I wanted to be extra intentional this summer! So, thanks to my Pinterest pins and a few of my own ideas, I’ve planned an easy and fun little summer schedule for my boys. Thankfully, it doesn’t seem overwhelming and allows me to make it something different each week. I’m not going to stress out if I miss a day…or if I do something different than that day’s activity…but, I knew it would be good for me to have a plan!

Here’s our weekly plan…
Summer Plan copy

And, here’s a little more detail about each:
Make something Monday: Spend some time doing a fun Science experiment, making something fun in the kitchen or any other activity that I know the boys would enjoy.

Tell a Story Tuesday: I am so excited about this kids’ biography series that I discovered. So, Tuesdays, we’ll write a little “book report” on a completed biography, or I’ll let Q tell me a story to write in his journal.

May 20-21 006  May 20-21 008

Get in the Word Wednesdays: Our church uses this darling Bible at different times in the nursery and children's department. And, I couldn’t wait to get my own copy. It’s such a sweet Bible…great pics…and it gives songs, poems, games and activities for each story. So easy!!! It’ll be a great day for both of my boys!

Be Thoughtful Thursdays: I’ll let Quinn take the lead on this one! We’ll do a “Summer Smile” each Thursday. Something that makes others happy and shares Christ’s love.

Family Fun Fridays: Daddy’s day off means all things FAMILY!

A few more things I plan on using this SUMMER!…
I got this little workbook {that’s also full of fun science experiments/other fun activities} to do with Q this summer. I thought it was a good way for me to help reinforce the things that he needs to remember before he’s a big Kindergartner…

This DVD series is going to bring LOTS of great discussion this Summer. Just read Matt’s blog post about it!

And, this tried and true reading series to practice reading this summer:

I hope my little post gave some ideas to make the summer less stressful! And, if you have any other great ideas or resources, PLEASE leave them in the comments to share with others! Happy Summer!


kellimoss said...

Hi there!
How darling are you and your sweet boys?! I came across your blog via Meredith Tichenor's and it's precious! I have 3 little boys AND a youth minister hubby. I look forward to reading more about your sweet family! Have a great night :)

annalee said...

we had made a similar summer schedule and i LOVED reading your ideas and suggestions to expand them, thank you!