Saturday, May 19, 2012

My Cubbies Graduate

One of the amazing blessings of our new church has been Quinn’s involvement in Awana Cubbies! Each week, we would read a story and focus on and memorize a verse. Then, on Sunday night, he would go to “club” …where he would recite his verse and earn patches for his vest.

I was so thankful that he LOVED it and never protested memorizing or going to Cubbies. And, I am so thankful for the Word of the Lord that he has hidden in his heart this year. mid May 010

Then, on Wednesday, May 9th, we were excited to attend the awards ceremony for Q’s completion of Cubbies. Nash was SOOO very proud of his big brother. And, Quinn gave a big, loud “WOOO HOOO” when he was awarded his Cubbie Bear for his vest. What a personality! mid May 011

mid May 014

mid May 017

Afterwards, I had to snap a shot of my big Cubbie Grad. But, all the Chubs wanted was to hold that bear. It was hard not to laugh! mid May 022

mid May 023  mid May 024

And, a little flashback to September 2011…Q’s first time in his vest!…3468518131105

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