Sunday, May 20, 2012

My 6th Mother’s Day

This year, the only help I gave the boys for my Mother’s Day was, “make me something!” I wanted something thoughtful! And, when I woke up on Sunday morning, and was summoned to the table, I couldn’t have been more honored. First of all, we had donuts (my favorite breakfast)…and, then, I had sweet gifts from my big boy…Pictures and the most precious “locket” that he made at school.

Then, the boys had worked together to make me the most precious basket full of thoughtfulness. And, before I could dig in, these words were read to me…photo

mid May 034  mid May 035

NecklaceCan you even handle the cuteness of that gift!?!? I was blown away by the sweet creativity! Then, Mammer and Slickpaw gave me some fun coupons…to get a Canton Sussie and a fun pedi during one of our trips to Abilene this summer. I also got 5 more of my everyday dinner plates. (Since I’d chipped a few in our almost 10 years of marrriage!)
couponBecause Nash was a bit under the weather, Mammer and Slickpaw stayed home with him while Matt, Q and I went to church. It was a sweet morning of Q being so excited to honor me! Then, after church, we went to one of my and Mammer’s favorite little restaurants and came home for a LONG nap. (since I was a bit under the weather, too!) Words truly can’t express how much I love being a Momma! … And, how fun to have a WHOLE day to celebrate the fact that I am! Mother's Day

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