Sunday, May 20, 2012

Preschool Graduation 2012

After feeling it never could, the day came and went. My sweet first born graduated from Preschool!!! And, I must admit that I haven’t been that emotional about it…more excited than sad. Now, don’t mention the first day of Kindergarten! It’ll send me into the ugly cry REALLY fast.
But, for now…for this day…I’m excited!

Q woke up to his own Graduation party… Décor, presents, bubbles, balloons and the MOST amazing donuts you’ve ever seen. He was excited that TODAY was the day he’d graduate…
  mid May 054  mid May 056

mid May 057

mid May 060
  mid May 061

mid May 063
Then, at around 4, we all got ready for his big evening. We had a photo shoot before we headed to dinner with Nana and Pawpaw! My boy could not have been more handsome in his darling seersucker blazer and royal blue slacks. I could have just eaten him up!!!
Q's Graduation 007  Q's Graduation 009

Q's Graduation 011

Q's Graduation 012

Q's Graduation 017
  Q's Graduation 019

Q's Graduation 028

Q's Graduation 035

After dinner, we made our way to the church for the ceremony. Mammer and Slickpaw made it from Abilene with 3 minutes to spare. And, we had the WHOLE front row! Q had warned me that I would cry…so I had tissues ready.
Q's Graduation 040

Q's Graduation 043

Q's Graduation 042
  Q's Graduation 044
As we waited, a slideshow of pictures from their fun year played. And, when my boy walked in to Pomp & Circumstance…in his darling forest green cap and gown…I melted into a puddle on the floor.

They said the pledge and then the show began! Three songs…
My God is Bigger than Big…Fingerprints…and a fun song with sticks. 
My little man was a mess…and a ham! It always surprises me that he’s “that” kid. I expect him to be such a little pleaser, but he gets up there and becomes a little showman! 
  Q's Graduation Slickpaw's pics 012  Q's Graduation Slickpaw's pics 022

Q's Graduation Slickpaw's pics 016

Q's Graduation Slickpaw's pics 029

And, he was right…I did cry! “Fingerprints” got the job done!…Just read the lyrics…
When you find my little fingerprints
All over your bedroom walls
And when you want to yell a bit
'Cause they're even in the halls

I know it's hard to believe
But once you were a kid like me
One day I'm gonna grow up
So remember me while I am small

I get in the way a lot of the time
Though I'm only three feet tall
I make you forget what's on your mind
You trip over my toys and fall

I wanna make great fingerprints
But I promise not on your walls
I wanna touch those around me
Though I'm only three feet tall

Q's Graduation Slickpaw's pics 038

After the songs, they exited the stage so that they could come back on to get their diplomas. What a proud (and hilarious) moment…
Q's Graduation Slickpaw's pics 046

Q's Graduation Slickpaw's pics 047
  Q's Graduation Slickpaw's pics 049
As soon as he got his diploma, he became the comedian on stage. Mercy…
Q's Graduation Slickpaw's pics 051

Q's Graduation Slickpaw's pics 054

Q's Graduation Slickpaw's pics 057
  Q's Graduation Slickpaw's pics 061Q's Graduation Slickpaw's pics 062  Q's Graduation 077
And, when the ceremony ended, it was time for LOTS and LOTS of pictures with our sweet graduate…
Q's Graduation 080

Q's Graduation 083

Q's Graduation Slickpaw's pics 072

Q's Graduation 087
  Q's Graduation 089Q's Graduation 095  Q's Graduation 100

Q's Graduation Slickpaw's pics 089

Q's Graduation Slickpaw's pics 090

We COULD NOT have been more blessed with Quinn’s teacher this year. Ms. Kristina is the most patient, caring and sweet person…and, she was absolutely perfect for my Quinn. I will forever be grateful for the positive impact she had in his life!
Q's Graduation 109 
So…I have a Preschool Graduate that lives in my house now. (Even though we still have 2 more days of school!) And, I surely couldn’t love him more!!!
Q's Graduation 112

And, after graduation, we walked a block over to downtown Grapevine where they were setting up for Mayfest! Such a fun setting for my new graduate…
Q's Graduation 118  Q's Graduation 121Q's Graduation 129    Q's Graduation Slickpaw's pics 103
And, when we got home, the celebrating continued with presents and a cookie cake!
What a day!!
Q's Graduation 130  Q's Graduation 131
And, because I know the grandparents will want to see them again…

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