Monday, April 09, 2012

Well Check + “Blood Stamp”

beginning of April 038A week after Quinn’s 5th birthday, we headed to Dr. G’s for his 5 year well check. With baby brother in tow, Q did a great job with his eye test, ear test, weight check, tee teeing in a cup (he thought that part was HILARIOUS!!) and more! Nash wanted to do EVERYHTHING just like his big brother! Thankfully, there were no shots this year…but Q did have to have his finger pricked. It was the worst part, but there were no tears. He was glad when the “blood stamp” part was over. So was Momma!

All in all, I am beyond thankful for my healthy and precious big boy! I thanked God as we drove home for the fact that we had an A++ appointment. May I never take their health for granted.

Quinn’s 5 year Report Card stats:
Weight: 39 lbs. 4 oz. (50%…up 6 pounds from last year)
Height: 43.3 inches (75%…up 3 inches from last year)
Blood Pressure: 83/53
Vision: 20/20
Physical Exam: Tall Boy, Allergies
Development: Ready for Kindergarten!

beginning of April 039|beginning of April 041

And, afterwards, Q picked a fun sussy at Toys R Us and chose In-n-Out Burger for lunch! Nash and I didn’t protest! :)
beginning of April 043beginning of April 044beginning of April 045

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