Monday, January 02, 2012

Peeky’s Shenanigans & Goodbye: Days 17-22

Day 17: Peeky decided that Quinn’s new Build-a-Bear home would make a fun spot to hide. Almost Christmas 2011 001
Day 18: A little candy cane zip-lining through the kitchen. Almost Christmas 2011 008

Almost Christmas 2011 010
Day 19: Peeky had a large audience as he shared about Jesus’ birth.
Almost Christmas 2011 013Almost Christmas 2011 014Almost Christmas 2011 017

Day 20:
Stinker Peeky snuck in the boys’ rooms and made them look like Rudolph. The funniest part…when Quinn came in our room in the morning, he was so confused and said, “I think my snot dried in my sleep and turned into plastic bleed!” We couldn’t stop laughing! … And, it looks like Nash rubbed his off as he slept!
Almost Christmas 2011 053Almost Christmas 2011 055Almost Christmas 2011 039Almost Christmas 2011 040Slickpaw's Christmas 2011 004Slickpaw's Christmas 2011 005Almost Christmas 2011 058Almost Christmas 2011 059

Day 21: {Christmas Eve} When Quinn woke, he saw that Peeky had made him a special breakfast…with donuts for both of them. And, after he ate, we read him Peeky’s note. Almost Christmas 2011 103Almost Christmas 2011 106Almost Christmas 2011 110
The note stated that we could touch Peeky for one whole day and he wouldn’t loose his magic. Quinn was so nervous…but, when he finally grabbed him up, he never let him go. Peeky went everywhere with Quinn all day long. It was precious!
Peeky copyAlmost Christmas 2011 117Almost Christmas 2011 118Almost Christmas 2011 119Almost Christmas 2011 122Almost Christmas 2011 123

Christmas 2011 New Years 2012 067Christmas 2011 New Years 2012 069

On Christmas Eve night, Quinn had a hard time telling Peeky goodbye. He decided he wanted to let him sit in the tree so that Santa would find him easily. (kinda breaks your heart, doesn’t it!?!?)

Day 22: {Christmas Day} Peeky left this note. After Quinn had BARELY even looked at his gifts, he remembered Peeky and RAN to the tree to see if he was there. He was happy to find this sweet note…but was sad that he was gone.
Jan2 009Jan2 012

Having Peeky a part of our Christmas this year definitely added to the magic. We can’t wait until he comes back next year!! We miss him already!

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Danielle said...

Ok, that was ADORABLE. The nose-painting thing takes the cake! :)