Monday, January 02, 2012

Our Days of Christmas…

How does Christmastime seem to get busier every year? And, every year {in spite of the chaos}, I seem to love it even more! We had SUCH a magical December…full of constant Christmas music, lots of peppermint flavors at every meal and a living room of twinkling lights.
I must admit that it’s a bit of a let down when it ends. … Here’s a peek into our “days of Christmas” (with detailed posts of some of our favorite moments coming soon)…

On the 1st day of Christmas we… 
*Started cleaning out our playroom to give to people in need.
*Found our toy nativity sets and began the season with the TRUE meaning (even though the dumb Monster Truck Mater set that was in the same box seemed to overshadow it a bit. sigh.)
*Began going through A Meaningful Christmas as our bedtime story. devo
*Got our first 2 Christmas cards in the mail!
*Started our Christmas chocolate advent. I SERIOUSLY LOVED these as a little girl.
*Attended the Grapevine Christmas Light Parade!
Christmastime begins 2011 015Christmastime begins 2011 018Christmastime begins 2011 020Christmastime begins 2011 021Christmastime begins 2011 025Christmastime begins 2011 030Christmastime begins 2011 042Christmastime begins 2011 049Christmastime begins 2011 048

On the 2nd day of Christmas we…
*Were SO excited to have our Elf on the Shelf delivered. And, Quinn named him “Peeky!”
*Took the boys to the church for a Parent’s Night Out from 6:00-9:45. And, Matt and I got to have a date night with dinner at Weinberger's, peppermint mochas and Christmas shopping.

On the 3rd day of Christmas we…
*Visited Santa Claus
*Went to the Giact Christmas Party at Saltgrass
Christmastime 2 061Christmastime 2 065

On the 4th day of Christmas we…
*Attended the FBCG Christmas Children’s Musical

On the 5th day of Christmas we…
*Went to our 5th annual Playgroup Christmas Party (This year, these precious boys gave drums to people in Asia so that they could worship Jesus. And, they made an ornament to remember what they gave! … What special boys…what special Mommies! Blessed for sure to know them!!)
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On the 6th day of Christmas we…
*Attended the FBCG Staff Christmas Party

On the 7th day of Christmas we…
*Addressed Christmas cards (they even came with their own “Merry Christmas…Love, ThePoeFam” pencil to fill out the mad lib!)
POEFAM CHRISTMASfront 11  backnoaddress

On the 8th day of Christmas we…
*Delivered Christmas goodies to the homebound
*Watched the cutest Wise Man preform in his PreK Christmas ProgramPeeky and more 12.12.11 016Peeky and more 12.12.11 024

On the 9th day of Christmas we…
*said goodbye to Daddy as he left for the youth’s Eggnoggin’ Retreat

On the 10th day of Christmas we…
*Went to Cade & Cruser’s birthday party
Peeky and more 12.12.11 093
On the 11th day of Christmas we…
*Enjoyed the amazing Christmas Musical at church
*Had “Suit Sunday” in the youth group 
*Let Mommy have a party with girlfriends trading favorite things
*Had the Youth Worker’s Christmas Party Peeky and more 12.12.11 110Peeky and more 12.12.11 095Peeky and more 12.12.11 108Peeky and more 12.12.11 113

On the 12th day of Christmas we…
*Decorated for the women’s event at church
*Had our first fire…and sported Santa hats!
mid December 2011 073  mid December 2011 075

On the 13th day of Christmas we…
*Went to “Step Away from the Chaos” at church
*Baked and BAKED!
mid December 2011 036

On the 14th day of Christmas we…
*Went to Quinn’s Christmas party at school
*Passed out gifts to FBCG staff
*Had the Vine Student Ministry’s White Elephant Party
mid December 2011 016

On the 15th day of Christmas we…
*Had friends over for a fun Christmas meal
mid December 2011 082
On the 16th day of Christmas we…
*painted our annual Christmas plates
*went on a Mommy/Quinn date to see Chipwrecked
*welcomed Nana & Pawpaw


On the 17th day of Christmas we…
*finished shopping while Nana & Pawpaw took the boys to see Happy Feet
*had Uncle Brandon and crew over for Taco Soup
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On the 18th day of Christmas we…
*listened to Pawpaw preach at our church
*had Christmas with Nana & Pawpaw (post coming soon)
*went to dinner with all of the cousins
On the 19th day of Christmas we…
*had a yummy Cracker Barrel breakfast
*went to Build a Bear with the boys and they got much  needed haircuts

mid December 2011 196mid December 2011 199
825275838212mid December 2011 213mid December 2011 217haircut

On the 20th day of Christmas we…
*dined at Babe’s with Brandon’s crew
*enjoyed dinner with friends

On the 21st day of Christmas we…
*stayed in our jammies all day and cleaned/did laundry and wrapped
mid December 2011 126
On the 22nd day of Christmas we…
*bought our very own Swaggon (TOTALLY deserves it’s own post!…coming soon!)
*welcomed Mammer & Slickpaw
Almost Christmas 2011 029

Almost Christmas 2011 030
On the 23rd day of Christmas we…
*grocery shopped
*baked Santa’s cookies and made Christmas candies
*enjoyed Downtown Grapevine
Almost Christmas 2011 063Almost Christmas 2011 064Almost Christmas 2011 066Almost Christmas 2011 068

Almost Christmas 2011 075Almost Christmas 2011 083Slickpaw's Christmas 2011 036

Almost Christmas 2011 084

Almost Christmas 2011 092
  Almost Christmas 2011 095Slickpaw's Christmas 2011 052Slickpaw's Christmas 2011 058Slickpaw's Christmas 2011 063
On the 24th day of Christmas we…
*decorated Santa’s cookies
*got dressed up for the Christmas Eve service
*Christmas light looked in our jammies…and more

Christmas 2011 New Years 2012 002

On the 25th day of Christmas we…
*celebrated the birth of our Lord & Savior, JESUS CHRIST!!!

It was busy…it was perfect!! Full of fun, food and FAMILY! I wish Christmas 2012 was already here!!! {Stay tuned for lots of Christmas posts to come!!!}

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