Monday, January 02, 2012

Christmas with Nana & Pawpaw

Christmas came early for thePoeFam. On the 16th of December through the 20th, Nana and Pawpaw came into town! Quinn and Nash both ABSOLUTELY LOVED having two extra playmates around the house…and, the fact that they brought gifts made the visit EVEN sweeter.

Due to lots of business and fun with Uncle Brandon and his clan, those gifts had to sit under the tree for MANY days! Quinn was a trooper but would ask EVERY day if he could open them. Finally, after Pawpaw preached at our church on Sunday morning, we had our Poe Family Christmas! Here is the reaction we got when we told Quinn that it was finally time…mid December 2011 171 - CopyDo you think he was excited? And, it was just as fun hunting for the Q’s on his special nutcracker paper as it was actually opening the gifts!
mid December 2011 169 - Copymid December 2011 170 - Copy
We had great fun exchanging gifts! But, the biggest surprise was when Nana & Pawpaw opened the coater set from Matt’s great-grandma Charlsie! We had re-gifted it for years…and, over the last 5ish years, it had been missing. Thankfully, during the move, we found it…and we couldn’t wait to give it away! …Such a priceless reaction!!!…mid December 2011 172 - Copymid December 2011 173
The boys got some great toys that got LOTS of play time the week before Christmas…and we got a FANCY set of pots and pans. Our wedding set was YUCK…and it was time for a replacement!

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We loved having Nana and Pawpaw here for such a long stay!!!
It was a Merry {early} Christmas!!!

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Laura said...

Matt and Bethanie look so much like their parents! Glad y'all had a great time.