Sunday, January 22, 2012

Brothers = Built in Buddies

Lately, the two littlest boys that live at my house have become the cutest little buddies. Quinn has always been a HUGE fan of his baby brother (and vice versa)…but, lately, they have truly become playmates. It crakes me up that a 4 1/2 (I REFUSE to say almost 5) year old and a 1 1/2 year old can play tag…wrestle…play legos or Batman…watch shows snuggled up on the couch…tackle…and act like SUCH boys! As much as their roughness makes me nuts…I love it at the same time! What a joy to have a house full of boys!!! Jan 19 022

Jan 19 024

Jan 19 026  Jan 19 027

Jan 19 028Jan 19 031

Jan 19 034

Jan 20-21 006

Jan 20-21 007

Jan 20-21 010

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Leah said...

These pictures make me laugh because my oldest squeezes my youngest' s cheeks just like that!