Monday, January 16, 2012

Roy G. Biv (round 2)

When Q was 18 months old, I started teaching him his colors. (click here to flash back to Q at 18 months!)  So, Quinn and I thought it was time to start teaching Nash. We started with the fun baths…and, he loved it! And, his big brother ABSOLUTELY loves teaching him what each color is! Nash has yet to be able to identify colors, but he is saying some of the words. We’ll keep practicing…and, what better time than in the tub.
Jan 2-4 038

Jan 16 011

Jan 2-4 019

Jan 5-8 017

Jan 5-8 030

Jan 16 021

And, our grand finale…glow stick bath!!! Sooo cool! Jan 16 051

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