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Disney World…Day 7: Magic Kingdom (Again)

It was hard to believe that on June 11th, we were finally using our 6th day of our 6 day pass to Disney World. We were tired, but I wasn’t ready for the fun to end.

But, before we got sentimental, we had a whole day to spend at Magic Kingdom…again. We thought it was a great start and finish to our trip.

And, when we walked in the park, we were greeted with the morning parade. It was a darling way to start our day. Last of Disney Trip 003
Slickpaw's Disney Pics 319 Slickpaw's Disney Pics 323

Last of Disney Trip 007
 Slickpaw's Disney Pics 324
Then, after some pictures with our new “family mascot,” Mickey, {we had actually brought a green sock monkey named “Pickles” to be our family trip mascot. But, Quinn quickly decided that he wanted this plastic Mickey to be our travel friend instead! So…you’ll see him in pics for years to come!} we made our way back to Quinn’s favorite rides!!!…and to see a few new things, too!…

Last of Disney Trip 008

Slickpaw's Disney Pics 332But, on the way to re-ride It’s a Small World, we paused as a Mommy duck crossed our path with her babies. I have vivid memories of seeing this same scene when I was a little girl at Disney World! Now it’s a fun memory to have with my boys…
Last of Disney Trip 014 Last of Disney Trip 017

Slickpaw's Disney Pics 366
Last of Disney Trip 018Once again, It’s a Small World did not disappoint. Quinn loved it SO much…which still shocked me…but, I loved watching his (and Nash’s) face light up at every turn!

Then, we made our way to the Tea Cups…a classic. Sadly, Quinn was a bit nervous…so we spun very little! Silly boy!
Slickpaw's Disney Pics 341
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Last of Disney Trip 023
Then, using a fast pass, we made it to Peter Pan and Winnie the Pooh! Both darling for both boys…
Last of Disney Trip 029 Last of Disney Trip 030

Last of Disney Trip 031Pre-lunch, we all went to see The Presidents show. But, as we were walking in, Nash had a MUST attend to diaper…so, Matt, Nash and I missed it while the rest went in. Mammer and Slickpaw informed us that Q loved it…and, he wasn’t short on words about it either. I was shocked at how much he enjoyed the show.
Last of Disney Trip 032 Last of Disney Trip 033

Slickpaw's Disney Pics 351

After a lunch being entertained by Sonny Eclipse at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café, Mammer and Slickpaw took Q back to ride The Pirates of the Caribbean (his other FAVORITE) while Matt, Nash and I went to see The Presidents show. Slickpaw's Disney Pics 349
Slickpaw's Disney Pics 359  Slickpaw's Disney Pics 364
After some Pin Trading at the Trading Post in Frontier Land, we stood in awe of the castle one more time and rode the hilariously classic Carousel of Progress. Oddly enough, Quinn REALLY enjoyed it. And, we all had the song stuck in our head for hours! (if you’ve been, you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about!)
Slickpaw's Disney Pics 369  Slickpaw's Disney Pics 370

Last of Disney Trip 052

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Last of Disney Trip 055After hitting the stores for “sussies” one last time, we slowly walked down Main Street on our way out of Disney World. It was hard to believe that our trip was coming to an end…but, the millions of memories we made were PRECIOUS in every way.

And, I think Walt Disney said it perfectly…
“We believed in our idea - a family park where
parents and children could have fun- together.”

It was a perfect trip…and we can’t wait to come again one day…hopefully sooner than later! Photo0423FourBySix
Slickpaw's Disney Pics 385

{Nash waving “bye bye” to Mickey!}

Magic Kingdom (2nd day)

My notes:

My rating:

Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade Cute and colorful! Lots of fun characters and a fun way to start the day!


Mad Tea Party Spin as fast as you’d like…not a long wait!


The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh Short ride…but very cute for kids of all ages! Be SURE to get a Fast Pass!


Peter Pan’s Flight Another short ride, but very cute for ALL kids! …You fly through it! Fast Pass this one too!


The Hall of Presidents VERY COOL!!! Even though I expected Q to be bored, he loved it. Nice break in the air conditioning!


Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café My worst food the whole trip! But, Nash especially loved the singing alien that entertained us!


Carousel of Progress The show that Walt Disney made for the 1964 New York World Fair. Cool to see…but, it’s (obviously) dated! Once again, Quinn surprised me by being thoroughly entertained. No wait for this one!


Pin Trading Surprisingly FUN! I was against it, but ended up being glad that Quinn participated! (see separate post!) Can be expensive!


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Erin said...

Glad you had a great trip! We took Brady to Disney World a few months ago for a week and he still talks about it at least once a day. We didn't do the pin trading, but I think you've convinced me for next time. Great pics!