Saturday, July 09, 2011

Disney World: Pin Trading

Before we went to Disney, I did a little research on Pin Trading and was SURE that we would not be participating. It seemed like a waste of time AND money…and I knew that my big boy would get quickly obsessed and care about nothing else. … But, let’s be honest…I got roped in to the hype and decided that he could participate on the last day!

Good news was, Slickpaw was able to get Quinn a really cheap starter set (I think it was $14.95) with some other things that he had purchased…and, with his new set of 8 pins and a lanyard, he was ready to go!

{Check out this cool sign in the Pin Trading Post shop at Frontier Land…all pins!…}Last of Disney Trip 035
How does it work? I’ll let this sign do the explaining…Last of Disney Trip 034So, basically, every time he saw a Disney worker, he’d look at their pins and see if they had something cool that he was interested in trading for. Sure, we bought him a few extras too…but, mostly, he just had fun trading the girls that he didn’t want! Last of Disney Trip 037When the day was over, Q had LOTS of new pins and the memory of finding ones that were MOST special to him! I’m glad that we waited until the last day to do it…but, I must admit that it was really fun!

So, if you’re going, you be the judge. You can definitely get by without participating…but, if you’re going to be there lots of days, it’s a cool thing to do! Last of Disney Trip 054
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