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Disney World…Day 6: Disney Studios

Welcome to Day 6 of our trip to Disney World. You think we’d be “Mickeyed” out by now…but we’re NOT!

{But, before we get started with our Disney Studios day, I want to preface by saying that it was my least favorite of the days. Why? Probably because it was STUPID Star Wars Weekend! (Can you tell I was a bit bitter?!) Lunatic Star Wars fanatics were EVERYWHERE…and it seemed MUCH more crowded than the other parks. … I don’t know if this is just a busier/not as well thought out park…or, if it was the Star Wars crazies. So…know that we had an AMAZING time…but my amazing time was tainted by all of the Wookies!…or whatever you call grown men that love Star Wars too much and make their kids love it too much too!}Photo0402FourBySix
Slickpaw's Disney Pics 252Anyway, after a walk down the cutest Hollywood Main Street, we went STRAIGT to get our Star Tours Fast Pass and then straight Toy Story Mania. We heard it was the most popular and a “must do,” so we wanted to get there right away. The line was manageable…so we didn’t get a fast pass for this one. After the annoying “I need to go potty” experience when we were half way there, we rode the ride…and it was TOO fun! We all enjoyed spinning and shooting. I can see that it would be fun AGAIN and AGAIN…but, the lines didn’t allow for that.
Slickpaw's Disney Pics 260
Slickpaw's Disney Pics 261
Slickpaw's Disney Pics 265
Disney Studios 001
Slickpaw's Disney Pics 271
Slickpaw's Disney Pics 273
Slickpaw's Disney Pics 275
Disney Studios 009
Disney Studios 010
Disney Studios 011
Disney Studios 013
As soon as we got out of the ride, Q got to meet some cool Green Army Men before we headed to Star Tours. I’m sure my Star Wars annoyance didn’t help my review of this ride…but I was underwhelmed. It was a bit like Soarin', but taking you through Star Wars stuff. Cool…just not my favorite thing. Q and Daddy liked it though! :) Disney Studios 016
Throughout the park there were Star Wars characters EVERYEHWERE. But, once again, the Star Wars crazies made the lines too long to actually meet any of them…so we just saw them all from afar. It would have been cool to have Q’s pic with some of them, but it was just NUTS.
Disney Studios 018Slickpaw's Disney Pics 280

One thing I LOVED about Disney Studios is how you see little pieces of different movies all over the place. Very cool! Disney Studios 021Slickpaw's Disney Pics 283Early afternoon, we made our way back to the Toy Story area to wait in line to meet two of Q’s favorite guys…Buzz and Woody! I loved seeing my little guy interact with these two…so cute…and then we all got to stand on Andy’s bed for a photo op! Disney Studios 024
Disney Studios 026Disney Studios 031

Disney Studios 037

Photo0387FourBySixThen, it was lunchtime…and, we just had to eat at Pizza Planet. We waited FOREVER for our food, but the pizza was good! Q thought it was a cool spot to dine…
Disney Studios 044Then, to run off some energy (since we’d done quite a bit of waiting), we went to the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground. Q watched the movies a few weeks before we left, so he LOVED it. Disney Studios 045 Disney Studios 047
Disney Studios 054
Then, we made our way to Disney Junior, Live on Stage! This was probably my FAVORITE memory from the day! Both of my boys were in AWE of the guys on stage. Nash would dance and clap…and Q was SO excited about seeing so many fun characters. I loved watching them more than the show. Precious, precious, precious!
Disney Studios 056
Disney Studios 057Disney Studios 059

Disney Studios 063

Disney Studios 065
Disney Studios 067Disney Studios 072

Disney Studios 078

Slickpaw's Disney Pics 302
The remainder of the day consisted of meeting Handy Manny, seeing the Voyage of the Little Mermaid, eating yummy Mickey ice cream and perusing through the shops. We missed a bunch of things because we were unsure of how Quinn would enjoy them. …Next time I’ll do a bit more research on this park. Photo0391FourBySix
Disney Studios 082 Disney Studios 083
Disney Studios 087

Slickpaw's Disney Pics 306
Disney Studios 088
Slickpaw's Disney Pics 309
Disney Studios 090But, all in all, we had a GREAT day strollering Disney World! …with the Star Wars nuts! :)
Disney Studios 091

Day 6: Disney Studios My notes: My Rating:
Toy Story Mania CUTE and FUN for everyone! Would be a great one to do again and again! Expect to wait! (get a Fast Pass)


Star Tours Not my favorite but very cool. Expect to wait…and get a Fast Pass!


Pizza Planet LONG wait…pizza was yummy, though.


Honey I Shrunk the Kids Playground Cute and nice place for them to run around!…even more fun if your kids see the movie before going.


Disney Junior Live on Stage Darling show! You sit on the floor with your kids!


Voyage of The Little Mermaid Cute show…but NOTHING compared to Nemo at Animal Kingdom.


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